Pictogram of the Olympic Games from 1964 to 2012, which is a reference for design

Since it was a situation at that time that it was difficult to communicate in English at the time of the Tokyo Olympic Games, this "Pictogram","Graphical symbols"Pictograph" "Picture word" is what is called. It is abstracted to understand at a glance instead of letters and words, especially every time in the Olympic Games where people from all over the world gather, it is designed to recognize something "ah, that one" even though it is a unique design every time Yes, it is perfect for reference design "I see it by anyone".

Details are as below.
Evolution of Olympic Pictograms - 1964 to 2012 | Creative Repository

In 1964Tokyo Olympics

In 1968Mexico Olympics

In 1972Munich OlympicsAnd in 1976Montreal Olympics

In 1980Moscow Olympics

Guidelines for design at the Moscow Olympic Games. From this time on, we will have certain standards on the design of pictograms.

In 1984Los Angeles Olympics. It is designed based on six guidelines "clear communication" "consistency" "readability" "adaptability" "features" "compatibility".

In 1988Seoul Olympics. By designing as if the arms and legs are connected as if it were connected it is a design that makes you conscious that "this is the moving part".

In 1992Barcelona Olympics. Designed according to the geometric law, these are quite a fancy method of making them more impressive with more distinctive lines, with only "head", "arm" and "foot".

In 1996Atlanta Olympics. On the contrary, it is unified with a fairly realistic image.

In 2000Sydney Olympics. I use an Aboriginal boomerang as a motif.

In 2004Athens Olympics. Designed to make you feel ancient a little, it is designed based on various statues discovered in the Cyclades archipelago.

In 2008Beijing Olympics

It is a combination of Yin 's arm' s script and the gold letters engraved on the bronze ware from the Yin Zhou Period to the Qin Han Dynasty, and expressed in the typeface used in the seal, "Shoso".

And in 2012London Olympics.

It is designed from the image of the route map of London subway.

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