From infantry rifles to combat helicopter machine guns, demonstration of variations rich Self Defense Force "Short range fire power"

Fuji general fire exerciseIt is the largest exercise in the country using live ammunition, by all meanstankAlthough eyes tend to be large weapons of firepower including fire power, neither short distance fire power nor defeat.

Equipment of infantry rifles and sniper rifles such as armored armored cars, armored helicopter helicopters such as helicopters and combat helicopters such as armored helicopter helicopter helicopters such as helicopters, self-propelled aircraft fire aircraft such as anti-aircraft firefighting equipment, the range of variations are rich in variations Including it will entertain.

Details are as below.
Distant fire power,Medium distance fire powerTo followShort distance fire poweris.

It is an interpersonal impediment equipmentDirectional shotExplanation of the power of. A plurality of metallic balls are contained in a box-shaped case, and when it explodes, it scatters to various places to control multiple enemies.

The red and white balloons assumed enemies.

As the shot explodes, nearby balloons are broken at the same time.

Another balloon was also annihilated in the second shot.

Here is the trouble with the tank carHelicode scattering mine.

YouTube - Anti-tank Injuries Helicopter Landmines

Transport helicopterCH-47JIt came.

It seems that they sent troops.

YouTube - ordinary department from CH-47J accogues with rope

The troops descended from the helicopter will spread out soon.

It was a bridge bombing unit.

Set the bomb on the bridge ...

Blow up. It's an image of such a strategy as we can not really blow up the bridge.

I succeeded in the strategy and collect soldiers, but rather than landing normallyExtraction ropeIt is said that we will withdraw from the hanging rope.

This is a means for retreating quickly while watching the surroundings.

YouTube - Withdraw from using CH-47J Extraction rope after bridge bomb

The four suspended people are gazing at guns.

In the squareLight armored mobileI showed up.

It is01 style light anti-tank car.

This weapon has a dive mode which suddenly rises in front of a tank and aims at the armor upper part, and a low-pitched ballistic mode which fly straight.

Since the initial speed at launch is not so fast, you can follow the way you fly even with your eyes.


Looking at the movie is like this.

YouTube - 01 formula light anti-tank car guided dive mode

YouTube - 01 formula light anti-tank vehicle guided low pitched ballistic mode

It is the sniper team that is waiting on a small hill.

Interpersonal sniper rifleSo we aim at the target (people in the vehicle) 500 m away.

A splendid hit.

Of course, you do not normally shoot and show like this in this way.

Next, the line of train came.

96 Equipment armored caris.

96 formula 40 mm automatic gun gunWhen12.7 mm heavy machine gunEquipped with.

YouTube - 96 style 40 mm automatic gun gun

Machine gun shooting in 2 vehicles.

YouTube - 12.7mm gun machine gun launch → get off the 96 type armored car

The one that looks like orange in this picture is bullets (it is inserted so that you can see the trajectory)Trickle bullet).

When the shooting ended, the armored car moved forward, the rear hatch opened and the crew came down from inside.

Next is the introduction of infantry weapons.

I can not see what I have in the distance,89 Equation 5.56 mm rifleIt is considered to be the shooting of.

next06 rifle shoot bullet. I wear it at the tip of the rifle like this.

I will shoot a blue balloon that I regarded as an enemy. I was surprised a bit because I burst with a place, not immediately after shooting.

As a personally operable equipment84mm refectory cannonYa110mm personal mobile anti-tank carThere is also. This is an 84mm non-recoverable cannon.

110mm Personal mobile battle bullet bullet.

Demonstration of the 84 mm non-recoverable cannon is that the blast is too terrible to shoot from the plaza, and this picture became a demonstration from where the smoke on the right hand side got up.

Four kinds of ammunition that can be handled are a grenade, an antitank grenade, a light bullet, and a smoke bomb. This is a grenade.

And smoke bombs. I will use it as a blindfold of others because I can not understand my attack behavior.

In the square89 type armored fighting vehicleIt came running. Points are round protrusions seen on the right side door and the like, facing the back hatch. This is a bulletproof glass made from bulletproof glass that can shoot from inside the car.

It seems to be Japan's first infantry fighting vehicle (it is a vehicle that can transport infantry and also has a powerful firearm that can positively participate in battle) and it is cheaper than a tank but one less than 700 million yen Deployment does not progress much because of the price of, but it has not been procured since 2005.

It is an introduction of helicopter power. The attack helicopter cameAH-1 cobra.

Anti-tank missile TOWFiring.

Hitting the target set in front of the two-step mountain (the one on the left of two white squares).

What came next was battle helicopterAH-64 Apache.

The attack of 30 mm machine cannon destroys the target that is on the second base.

Anti-aero fire power87 self-propelled aircraft gun. Although not official nickname,GuntankIt seems to be called.

Its 87 self-propelled aircraft guns, originally they intercept enemies of high altitude, but because of the restrictions of exercises shooting was done with the assumption that they aimed at helicopters arriving in low altitude.

Introduction of short range firepower with high fire engine gun is over.

The exercise program followed the introduction of "tank powerpower".

"90 type tank" shooting and "74 type tank" ridge line shooting which literally experienced the power of shooting

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