"Digital Telopa EN-NL 1068" which can enjoy the live commentary on TV, can also correspond to Twitter and RSS in the future

this"Digital Telopa EN-NL 1068Just connect to the TV with the HDMI cable,Nico Nico CommentaryIt is said that the character information such as the comment etc can be flowed. It is possible to cope not only with Nikoniko commentary but also by using the SDK that is going to be released to the Internet communication service centering on characters such as RSS, 2channels, Twitter, etc. Furthermore, users themselves can obtain information It also has customizability that allows you to set information freely to display information.

Details are as below.
Digital Telopa - Enjoy Nikoniko Live on High Definition TV

- Press Release - Release of "Digital Telopa" compatible with full HDTV that can enjoy Nikoniko commentary on home TV

【Nico Nico Commentary】 Digital Telopa EN-NL 1068 - Nico Nico Douga (9)

At the shopping site "Nikoniko direct sales" within "Nico Nico video", released from the beginning of September 2010, the manufacturer direct sales price is 19,800 yen including tax.Nico Nico direct salesWith reservation accepted, it is a special price of 12,525 (10,000 Nico Nico) yen in commemoration of release.

This is the body

When viewing a television program, information acquired via the Internet can be displayed on the screen without spoiling the HD picture quality, and comments are displayed in a form scrolling from the right to the left at the top of the screen, and the text color is white, red, green, It is possible to select from 4 colors of blue, the font size is 5 stages, the scroll speed can be changed in 10 stages according to readability. Although it displays up to 3 lines at the same time when comments are focused, it is said that it is not necessary to correspond to the so-called "barrage" and can not input comments, so it is only for viewing.

Image like this

Connected between a home TV and HDMI compatible BD / DVD recorder, terrestrial digital broadcast tuner, CATV tuner, tornado (PS3) etc, and connected to the net with a LAN cable, the connection image looks like this.

Perhaps the future will come such that these functions will be installed as standard functions on all kinds of TV ... ....

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