The building and the backstage behind the scenes that reproduced the Donkey Kong game with 6400 sticky notes Full version

As you can see,Donkey KongIt is a strange building that has reproduced the play screen of, there is also Mario properly.

Details of making are from the following.
UCSC Engineering Building Attacked by Giant Gorilla

Ucsc: Donkey Kong

UCSC Donkey Kong Postit Mural - a set on Flickr

This was realized by a group of students at the University of California at Santa Cruz pasting 6,200 post-it (so-called sticky notes) to the E2 building.


I worked with 10 people and finished in about 5 hours.


Although I used 6400 sheets, I used 14,000 sticky notes in order to align colors.




Start work

Sorting completed graphics and sticky notes

It will be completed little by little

It looks like this from the inside

That's why you stick it

On the upper side, Donkey Kong also gradually reveals itself

Inside work situation

Completely Nori just before the cultural festival


When you look at the following fast-moving movie, the atmosphere is almost got.

YouTube - Donkey Kong Post-It Notes - Assembly Time-Lapse

Looking from indoors like this


I am doing well.


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