Those who "bloated" in a short period of time, even though their weight quickly returns, the constitution that is easy to become fat continues for several years

The so-called "bite-eating" "eating a fortune" "EatersThose who gained weight in a brief period such as bastards of short duration, such as "Short duration of binge drinking such as weighting, can quickly restore their increased weight, that the situation will continue to be overweight and difficult to lean for at least several years afterward It is clarified by the experiment conducted in Sweden.

Details are as below.Abstract | Long-term increase of fat mass after a four week intervention with fast food based hyper-alimentation and limitation of physical activity

Sweden·Lynn Schoping UniversityIn the experiments conducted by researchers, 18 subjects with an average age of 26 ahead of exercise for less than 4 weeks (within 5000 steps per day), eating excessively on fast foods (average calorie intake 70% During this period, we compared changes such as 4 weeks, 6 months, 12 months, etc. with the control group who eat as usual and exercise as usual during this period. Thesis isNutrition & amp; MetabolismIt is published in the magazine.

Eighteen people who did "overeating" for 4 weeks showed an average weight gain of about 6.4 kg,DXA scanBoth fat free mass and fat mass increased, but after 6 months mostly returned to its original level (an average of 4.7 kg reduction). After 12 months, the body weight was 1.5 kg more than at the beginning of the experiment, but in the DXA scan it turned out that the fat mass increased by 1.4 kg, while the fat free mass did not change from the beginning of the experiment. In other words, it is said that most of the body weight that increased due to "overeating living" and then did not diminish was stored as fat.

Furthermore, in the measurements after two and a half years, the weight of the control group was almost unchanged from that at the beginning of the experiment (average 0.1 kg increase), whereas the group experienced "overeating" increased by 3.1 kg I heard he was doing it. This suggests that there is a long-term increase in fat mass even in short-term hyperotrophic conditions.

People who need to forcibly increase in a short term, such as Hollywood stars that increase and decrease repeatedly for the purpose of creating a role, but considering the long-term risks, it is said that "considering how much 1kg" It may not be strange even if you get it.

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