A true iPad killer appeared? Does Google release Motorola and Android 3.0 tablet that produced "DROID X"?

High-end iPhone killer and renownedAndroid smartphone "Droid X"To be released on the release date of iPhone 4, Motorola focusing on Android smartphone apparently released a tablet that adopted "Android 3.0" which is the latest version in cooperation with Google became.

In addition, the above image is the one of "Droid X".

Details are as below.
Google may cooperate with Motorola for Android 3.0 tablet, says Digitimes Research

According to this article, many smartphone makers are now looking for partnerships with Google to launch tablet devices that currently employ Android 3.0, but among them the most likely to partner with Google is Mr. Mingchi Kuo, senior analyst at Digitimes Research, said Motorola is expected.

Motorola 's Android tablet is expected to be released by major American mobile phone company Verizon as well as' Droid X', which is a matter of concern but adopts Sharp 's 10.1 inch touch panel and NVIDIA' s Tegra 2 platform Although it is lower than the iPad, the liquid crystal brightness is supposed to be a thinner model than the iPad.

To improve usability, Google has deeply incorporated the user interface of Android 3.0, etc. In 2011, Mr. Kuo adds that if Android 3.0 tablet shipment quantity reaches 2 million units.

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