From old friends to beauticians, tips for breaking the inseparable 'edge'

Everyone needs to have relationships with various people in order to live. Older friends, such as beauticians and family doctors who are always appointed, and 'classmates in elementary school,' will snowball as they get older. You may participate in club activities such as volunteer circles, and you will always be involved with your neighbors wherever you live.

Of course, they can be said to be 'edges' that occur because they are necessary, and I want to cherish them, but it is sad that if they continue for a long time, the relationship may break down and become uncomfortable. Is the fact.

The method for clearing such an inseparable 'edge' was introduced in the type of partner (occupation, position, etc.). If you refer to this, the relationship that was moody may be a little refreshed.

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1: old friend

In most cases, you don't need to declare that you want to get rid of a friend who has been estranged recently and feels that you rarely meet in your life cycle. It's better mentally to keep friends with people who you think are your best friends.

But that's not the case if the relationship with the old friend is unilaterally demanding intimacy or being exploited in some way. You need to cut the edges firmly. It is important to face honestly, rather than muddying the tea, saying, 'I'm busy right now ...'.

2: Hairdresser

If you always appoint a certain person to make a cut, you may not be able to say it even if it is different from your own image or you feel that the color is not working well. However, if you don't like the person's treatment, you can make your hairstyle and relationships feel better by clearly stating, 'It's different from your image, so please try again' rather than spending time without disliking it.

However, the person who says, 'I can't say I don't like it anymore because I've been cut for a long time ...' Even if you don't do it, if you don't simply nominate it, the relationship will naturally fade. So, if you try different salons and think 'that person's cut is good', you just have to nominate again.

3: Nosy neighbor

Some people want to explore everything, and some may be in trouble with their neighbors who come to the well-end meeting in the garden of their house and ask for various personal things. Even if you think it's annoying, it's difficult to keep a distance because you live next door, and it's a troublesome existence.

Keep a distance from such people by not sharing too much information. Also, for example, when you go shopping from a supermarket and come home, it is effective to tell your whole body that you do not have time to have a well-end meeting by carrying your luggage inside the house. If, because of these measures, the person starts to give out his bad rumors, he will not be left alone, but will protest the rumors over the phone in good faith. It is important to respond.

However, it may be easier to reduce the time to deal with the other person as much as possible without making things rough by listening to the other person appropriately and not revealing hostility before the relationship is broken so much. Maybe.

4: Babysitter

Except for those who violently attack their children, if you hit a babysitter who doesn't care for your child enthusiastically, it's a good idea to hit another person.

Babysitters are directly involved in the development of their children, so don't hesitate to say, 'Because they used to take care of you more ...', be honest with your feelings. Of course, if you don't want to ask in the future, give the babysitter you're currently asking for a notification so that you can find your next job.

5: Doctor

If you have a family doctor, going to another hospital may be a daunting task. If the whole family is seeing you, that tendency will be even stronger. However, the freedom of choice in medical care lies with the recipient.

And, sadly, unlike the old town doctors, there are few doctors who come to visit the house with the whole family, so if you just don't go to the clinic, the relationship will be natural. It will come to an end.

6: Charity groups and volunteer circles

Even in a circle that bravely entered, 'I can contribute to society!', It is often boring when I entered. But for whatever reason, you should avoid quitting unexpectedly. You may be the subject of a meeting within the circle and you may be rumored.

You should be able to quit the circle gracefully if you say, 'It's fun to join the circle, but I'm interested in something else and I want to concentrate on it.'

7: Housekeeper

I don't think this is true for so many people, but some may have a housekeeper clean their home. If you're dissatisfied with the feeling that the cleaning claws are sweet these days, look back to see if you're doing anything terrible to the housekeeper. If you increase the amount of housework but do not raise your salary, there is a problem on the hiring side as well.

However, if you don't have such a clue, you can stop hiring the current person and ask a new person. Of course, as a courtesy of hiring, hand over a notice of dismissal.

8: Rumor-loving colleague

Colleagues who love gossip and chat and talk to them quickly at work are especially annoying when they're in a hurry. However, it can be said that even people of the same type are still easy to do because they were not friends or neighbors. Because working is a top priority in a company, and maintaining friendships is a little less important. It may be a little painful, but it may be easier to deal with work as work.

Gossip is, of course, something you can't do without someone, so your colleague may wander around looking for someone to talk to, but block it with a focus on your work. By giving the other person the impression that you are a person who doesn't deal with you very much, you shouldn't have to turn down the person you talk to.

9: Mom group

Over the years, there may come a day when the conversation and feelings get out of sync with the group of moms who often acted together when their children were still small.

However, if you just cut the edge just because it doesn't fit, you can be assured that you will be the target of bad rumors. Instead of making frequent visits to new friends, it's a good idea to gradually reduce the number of visits to the old group and fade out. This is not limited to the mom group, but it may be the most comfortable way to get out of the group formed by women.

10: Hobby club

In Europe and the United States, there are clubs called 'book clubs' where everyone reads books and exchanges their impressions, but with that kind of hobby, they form a group even if they don't go to the club. Some people may be playing with them a lot. Like-minded people are easy to get along with, but on the other hand, it is difficult to maintain a relationship when you are not interested in your hobbies.

At such times, it's a good idea to convey something like 'I can't go even if there are circumstances' in a place where everyone always gathers. However, if you still want to keep in touch with some of them, it may be easier to maintain the relationship afterwards, even if you make some dramatized reasons.

Overall, relationships through money and work are rather dry, and relationships with friends and acquaintances that are not so are carefully dealt with and the 'marriage' is organized, which is the key to avoiding stress in human relationships. It may be said that.

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