Studio ghibli's animated film "Omoi Hitoripporo" decided to be musicalized in 2011

"I am on a journey with Watashi."As a catch phrase," OLY HIROPOLPORO "depicting how the OL who works for a company in Tokyo visits Yamagata's relative family home to remember things of my elementary school days is now being musicalized .

This work was made into an animated movie by Studio Ghibli production in 1991, but this is the first musical whose original work was Ghibli.
Musical Heidpippororo | Theater company Warabi

"Homipporopoporo" is the first musical story of Ghibli work - ORION STYLE-

"Homipporoporo" is the original by Furo Okamoto and Tone Tsuneko. In 1991, under the director · scriptwriter Isao Takahata, it was made into an animated film by Studio Ghibli production. This musical is based on the movie 'Homipporoporo'.

Musical performances will be held from Saturday, April 16th to Friday, 29thTennozu Ginga TheaterFrom Sunday, May 8th to Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012Warabi TheaterIt is done in. In the movieMiki ImaiHero played the leading character · Tae child acted as former Takarazuka Revue top snow group top starHikaru Asami(Galaxy Theater) andRyoko UsuiThe Warabi Theater. Also in the movie Toshiro Yanagiba played the role of Toshio in Yamagata aiming for organic farmingAoi MikinoIt plays.

Tickets for the Galaxy Theater Performance will be on sale from Saturday, December 4, with a total seat selection of 8500 yen. For inquiries concerning tickets, please contact the Galaxy Theater Ticket Center (TEL: 03-5769-0011 Weekday 10: 00 ~ 18: 00). Regarding the Warabi Theater Performance, please visit the Tazawako Art Village Reservation Center (TEL: 0187-44-3939), Warabi Theater (TEL: 0187-44-3915).

◆ Staff
Original: Animated movie "Homepolpolo" (Screenplay / Director / Isao Takahata / Original Firefly / Okamoto Rika · Tone Tsuneyuko)
Screen / lyrics: Masafumi Saito
Directing: Miya Kuriyama
Composition: Masato Kai
Choreography: Tomoko Tanaka
Art: Rumi Matsui
Lighting: Jiro Katshiba
Sound: Hitoshi Kodera
Costume: Ai Higuchi
Hair makeup: Naoki Kamada
Singing guidance: Yamaguchi Masayoshi
Planning and Production: Warabiza
Cooperation: Studio Ghibli

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