20 worst design examples that you can see well that the game package is important

In game development, most of the budget is allocated to development, around the end of development there is no power or budget to make an official website anymore, the package will also use the last remaining time and money There are patterns like ...... to design. Although it is a typical dummy project, there are designs that I still have to feel like "why ... to ..." even considering such backing circumstances.

So let's see the 20 patterns "This design is Mazui".

Details are as below.
20 Counterproductive Video Game Covers | Thumb Press

Game around 1987, "BAD CAT"

"Street Warrior" released for PlayStation 2 on January 12, 2007, for oversea package design sense too much, it is super famous as "shito package" abroad.

Package when I transplanted "CRACK DOWN" which was originally an arcade game to mega drive. It seems that it is not quite so bad even in posters of class B movies ... ....

Regular in this worst package, Rockman (overseas "MEGAMAN"). It is a mystery why Capcom got goin-in in such a design.

A home game machine released by Atari in 1993 "Atari Jaguar"Game released in 1993 for"Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy". It seems that the title ends with "IN THE", the game title is "JAGUAR" when it is a person who does not know Jaguar, etc. It is full of plunges.

Released in 1992 for Super NintendoPhalanx". Looking at this package and seeing it as a shooting game is hard work. It is said that they tried to differentiate them from packages of other shooting games, but they are drawing too much.

Released in 1993 for ATARI "I Want My Mommy". I do not quite understand what it is, but the target age is under 9 years old.

Released in 2002 for GBA "Karnaaj Rally". This blue-haired man is ....

It was released for Super Nintendo in 1993Power Instinct, The game name in Japan is "Blood Buddha Temple". Everything is wrong.

Transplanted for various game machines "Xenon 2 Megablast". Released in 1989. It seems to be a vertical scrolling shooting game ... ....

I reached a level where I do not know where to start from anyhow.

In 1986, released for mega drive "Black Belt". Although it seems to be a judo or something game because it is a "black belt" when translating literally, the game name in Japan is "Hokuto no Ken". It is not sanity any longer.

Namco released in 1985 "Metro cross",whyPackage of Atari ST versionOnly rush into emergency.

Released in 2003 for Xbox "Freestyle MetalXWhy to this?

Released for mega drive in 1989 "Tommy Lasorda Baseball". The game name in Japan is "Super League." Men in this package are "Tommy LasodaAlthough it is not possible to take a license agreement from the team as a game content, real teams will not appear. So to speak as well as package fraud.

In 1998, released for NINTENDO 64 "Bust-A-Move 2 Arcade Edition"In Japan, the title is" Puzzle Bobble 64 ". I am afraid of my face.

It was released in 1988 for Commodore 64 etc.Ninja Scooter Simulator". Everything is surreal.

In 2007, released for the Nintendo DS "Deal or No Deal". "Deal or No DealAlthough it is based on the game program called "It is wonderful not to be transmitted at all".

Side scrolling action game for Super Nintendo released from JALECO in 1992 "Lashing beat"For some reason overseasRival Turf!It became the title of great quality down.

In 2007, released for the Wii "Cheggers' Party Quiz".Photograph of yourself on this pageThere seems to be, I seem to have mistaken the direction to deform.

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