I bought 340 donuts to get "Barking Pon de Lion Plush Doll (large)" in one day ~ Frozen edition ~

I bought a donut with a mistake and piled up like a mountainAlthough it is a reason, if you leave it as it is, the taste will be lost rapidly, and it will get hurt before all the worst eating.

In order to prevent such a wasteful situation, I tried freezing the donut overnight. I have never frozen donuts so far, but can we expect to develop such as "chilling or becoming more tasty" like chocolate or banana?

Details are as below.
I compiled a donut in a refrigerator in the editorial department. The width of the divider for the ice maker on the left side of the drawer on the top is a snug fit to the donut.

Also well under the bottom.

I am also in a refrigerator in another.

I put in a donut by wrapping it one by one.

The upper freezer was left unchanged overnight. Although it does not change very much, somewhat lap is cold and it is cloudy white.

Ten species of frozen donuts.

I do not know exactly what I froze at the appearance, so I tried to hurt the dish on my plate although behaving slightly bad. Depending on the type, hardness varied, but other than Sugar Raised and Strawberry Ring, it was frozen tooth unless it had to be returned at room temperature slightly, so I left it for a while.
YouTube - I tried tricking a frozen missed donut with a plate

Old fashion does not change appearance, but the feeling coldness at the fingertips has a strange feel.

Chocolate fashion does not change much as it looks, but it is cool.

The section of the fabric is frozen white. The texture does not change, but cold air spreads in the mouth.

French crew is frozen fairly tightly to the core well. As it is inconspicuous as a tooth, as it is eaten in a slightly melted place, as a glaze (a coating of sugar) freezing it as a sharp, this is very delicious with this. In summer the glaze is very easy to melt, so it might be good for those who like the crispy texture of sugar.

Angel French does not change so much with its appearance.

Angel French became refreshing taste by having the cream part freeze, and because the fluffy feeling of the dough was intact, it felt like a rather delicious Sho ice. I think that it is ant to frozen this.

Sugar raised is slightly frosted. In addition to sugar, moisture is frosted on the surface.

The strawberry rings ticked only the part of the chocolate that was thin.

These two types had large air bubbles in the dough, and the fact that frozen in the texture did not affect much. I was thawed immediately, I was surprised that the fluffy feeling like when I bought it resurrected. It is convenient because you can eat immediately if you return at room temperature for 5 to 10 minutes.

The glaze of Pon de Ring shines brighter than at room temperature.

It seems that the feeling of parabola of the surrounding powder is reviving.

Cool, dusty, very strange texture. I felt like I did not have to eat it in the frozen state, but things that were thawed are not sticky, and the feeling of rich texture of the dough remains, which makes it a nice feeling.

Chocolate is somewhat shiny in glaze.

The golden chocolate grains do not change unchanged even at normal temperature or after freezing.

Chocolate taste fabric is heavy weight, but even if it freezes it is not alleviated at all and there have been quite painful things to keep eating donuts since yesterday. However, it was in a state where it was delicious unless it was in such a special situation.

The frozen donuts differed in kind, but if they were left for an average of 15 minutes, they were almost decompressed. It is safe to leave it for a long time because it is frozen so it is not safe to worry, but the quality of the donut is not deteriorated over refrigeration, so I think that it succeeded in improving the preservation state. If you bought a large amount of donuts, frozen is also a hand, so you may try it.

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