A beautiful photo capturing the ghost town featuring the feeling of endless sensation that the desert erodes the house

A strange picture as if the desert suddenly appeared in the living room seems to be an installation of contemporary art at first sight, but this is in South Namibia, which was introduced earlier in GIGAZINEGhost town and Coleman scoop buried in the desertIt is a sight of.

Spanish photographerAlvaro Sanchez-MontañesMr. works "Desert Indoors" beautifully captures the feeling of the end of silent ghost town.Galería Desert Indoors

When opening the door it looks like a scene from a different world, a movie.

It is also like a painting by Surrealist.

I think that the people who used to live open the door of the house and did not go out, but it is natural that the window cracks in the years and the door will open.

It seems that the roof is also blown away here.

It seems like a sea.

It seems I can swim somehow, but it seems tough to walk the abandoned house buried in the sand

Will the sandy position rise as it is and not to pass through the gap of the door?

Coleman scoopIsNamibiaIn the southern part,Namib DesertIt is a ghost town in. When diamonds were discovered near 1908, the port townLuderitzIt was a German territory at that time, a railroad was laid, so many German settlers prospered.

Settlers with wealth in diamonds built German-style houses, and in the past there were facilities such as power plants, ice factories, schools, hospitals, entertainment facilities such as theaters and casinos.

When Diamond began to run depleted after World War I, the town declined and was abandoned in 1954. Currently it is a popular place for tourists, but the Diamond Mine ZoneSperrgebietBecause it is located inside, permission is required for entry.

In addition to this, you can see the work of Alvaro Sanchez-Montañes from the following site.

Galería Street

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