Sony launched a thin type Blu-ray player that also supports external HDD content playback, and also works with smartphones

Sony today announced a thin Blu-ray player "BDP-S370" that also supports the playback of videos recorded in external HDDs.

In addition to halving the time required to load discs, it also has a linkage function with smartphones.

Details are as below.
About 50% reduction in loading time, Blu-ray disc player with industry's thinnest height of about 36 mm | Press release | Sony

According to this press release, Sony is said to release Blu-ray player "BDP-S370" which achieved compact size of 36 mm in height and 212 mm in depth, which is the thinnest in the industry on September 17. Supported disc formats are Blu-ray and DVD, SACD, CD, market estimate price is around 25,000 yen.

"BDP-S370" can reduce the loading time (loading time) from inserting a disc to the start of main part playback to about 50% compared with the past by new system design such as adoption of high-performance chip and program optimization Besides, the tray is opened in about 3 seconds from the power OFF state, and consistently speed-up has been realized from power supply startup.

In addition to "Precision Cinema HD Upscale" which can enjoy enjoying high image quality of DVD, it also supports playback of movies, music, JPEG images of various formats saved in USB memory or external HDD for personal computer, Gracenote "which automatically acquires disk information from the Internet when displaying the content information service service" Gracenote ".

This is "BDP - S370".

Also, "BDP - S370" corresponds to "BD Remote" function which enables you to operate the main unit from Android smartphone such as "Xperia" and "iPhone", use smartphone as remote controller via network In addition to being able to display the disk information acquired from "Gracenote" on the smartphone, it is also possible to search related information on "YouTube".

Considering that it is possible to purchase PS3 which also supports the reproduction of contents recorded on Blu - ray Disc, external HDD, etc, equipped with well - established up - convert function etc in image quality just by giving about 5000 yen more, it is a little difficult position Although it is a product, it may be quite interesting if it will be installed in a number of models including the Blu-ray recorder in the future, such as linking functions with smartphones.

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