Men with a humble attitude at the interview are harder to be likable than humble women

I sang "I want to become a macho man!"Village Peopleof"Macho ManIt was in the late 1970s that the epidemic became popular,Macho, That is, stereotype "masculinity" and vice versa "femininity" are also sought after in this era?

In some psychological experiments, similarly when "intermezzes, humility, modesty" men and women with responses and attitudes receive an interview, in either case the interviewer is male or female, for male candidates it is modest While it is disadvantageous, the result that the modesty of women's candidates does not become a negative image appears. This indicates that there is still a fixed concept of "men should be strong" and "women can show weakness" at present.

Details are as below.Rutgers Study Finds Male Modesty a Turn Off for Women (and Men)

Rutgers UniversityA doctoral student doctoral student doctoral course studying psychology at psychology in the paper "Status Incongruity and Backlash Against Modest Men" co-authored by Julie E. Phelan researcher and Professor Laurie A. Rudman in a job interview I examined how it can be accepted if a male and female candidate takes a "discreet" behavior. Thesis isPsychology of Men & amp; MasculinityIt is published in the magazine.

In the experiments, 132 volunteer female students and 100 male students took part in volunteering as part of psychology units as rewards. Subjects will serve as "interviewer" and evaluate applicants for "jobs requiring high skills and social skills that are neither male advantageous nor female advantageous" by watching the 15 minute video recording interview. did. Men and women serving as "candidates" are orders instructed to answer "humble" of similar content.

As a result, although the interviewer did not see the difference depending on the sex of the applicant in the evaluation from the viewpoint of "whether it is capable" in either case, the humble male is It is said that it is not preferred as compared with humble women, socialBacklash(Reaction to gender equality promotion and improvement of female status), it seems that there is a result suggesting the existence.

According to Moss - Racusin, men 's humility is seen as a sign of' weakness'. "Weakness" is regarded as the personality trait of men with low ranking, and it also influences the possibility of employment possibility and how much income can be obtained. On the other hand, female humility was not seen as negative, and it seems that there was no connection with status.

For men it may be more advantageous to stay in the state of Superman without hiding ability at all times than being in Clark Kent that "I am amazing if I take it out."

"Women's weakness is allowed but men are not prohibited to show weakness to men, while men are allowed to dominate and women are not allowed to dominate," Moss - Racusin. Given the two properties "A" and "B" which are contradictory, "Men should be A" "Men should not be B" "Women should be B" "Women are A By applying it, it is said that there are four rules to put male and female in the mold and a request for gender action based on it, and it is said that he stuck the gender stereotype.

However, in the experiment Moss-Racusin said that the results that supported the researchers' hypothesis that "humble men are discriminated upon employment" could not be obtained, "Men are more than women originally Because we are being given preferential treatment, humble men are in the favor of (not suspicious of punishment) "even if they are suspected of weakness, because they do not suffer sexual discrimination as much as a dominant woman." .

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