Good figure figures are good and can not despair "Sayonara Zetsubo sensei" figures Various

"Weekly Shonen Magazine Series"Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei"Is a masterpiece of Koji Kumada who is so popular that three TV anime series and two OAD series will be produced so far.

Wonder Festival 2010 [Summer]But, many figures, including despairing girls, were showing up.

Details are as below.
3-19-03 "Integrated Staff Earth Defense Force" Kaga Ai

Chisato Kisu

2-07-16 "MarginOver the bar

2-04-03 "ObakuteiIt seems that this is the one who made the prototype.MAEDAXMr.?

"It's not normal This is not ordinary!" Nami Niito

"Swimmersen swimmersen like me are swimmersen!" Kaga Ai

"Oh-oh" Komori fog

"Heat · っ ぽ い" Komori fog


Pumpkin head

1-10-01 "GS ProjectShinobu. radio"Goodbye Hopeless BroadcastingStories from.

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