To celebrate the end of the production of the Nissin cup noodle "La King" to "La Crown Yuyu ceremony"

The first series was released in 1992, the raw type of noodle pouched was a Nissin Food Cup Ramen series "King LAHowever, it became clear that production will be terminated.

So it is said that a ceremony will be held that will "memorialize" a "no-yu" hot spring, but what kind of event will it be like ...?

Details are as below.
According to the official page of Nissin Foods, the "La Wang Yu Yu (Twe U) ceremony" will be held in response to the cup ramen series "La King" finishing production in August. The ceremony will be held on 30th July, "Thank you, La King. Goodbye, raw type."It is stated that it is.

This is the official page of Nissin Food. The color of monotone is impressive.
La Wang Yu Yu ceremony | Thanks, La King. Goodbye, raw type.

Although it is a series that boasts a long history, it seems regrettable that production will be terminated, but will there be punches saying "Pretending to be a memorial ceremony and making new products extensively published ..."?

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