Image that understands how it can be done at 9 trillion yen which BP lost due to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico


Crude oil that flowed out in the Gulf of Mexico from April 20, 2010From 5560 kiloliters to 9530 kiloliters per dayIt is said that the total amount is 700,000 kiloliters, and the total damage amount is already an astronomical number. In addition, I can not assume how much it will cost to recover the costs used to restore the coastal environment and, above all, the cost of recovering "lost credit".

By the way, BP has lost a total of 100 billion dollars (about 9 trillion yen) as a sum of the market prices of the stocks that are the indicators of corporate credit, so-called market capitalization, but what if there is so much money Can we do it?

Details are below.
What BP Could Have Bought With All the Money They Lost |

The displayed price is basically a pattern of cost only required for purchase. Looking at the source seems to exclude transport fee, administrative processing fee, tariff and other non-purchase costs.

$ 8.84 billion (about 772 billion yen)- 10 years of drinking water for 888 million people suffering from water shortage.

48,125 million dollars (about 4,200 billion yen)- It is possible to rebuild all 275 thousand houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

$ 3,395 million (about 298.8 billion yen)- Ice cream for all mankind.

$ 20.69 billion (about 1.7 trillion yen)- Yahoo Japan Corporation all.

$ 1,968 million (about 172 billion yen)- Toyota Prius can be paid to all 92,000 employees of BP.

$ 922 million (about 80.6 billion yen)- Posted speech full of connexion of 73-year-old father on Twitter and gave "Twitter My Dad" book for collecting it to all twitter users.

One billion dollars (approximately 87.6 billion yen)- Twitter itself can also be acquired.

$ 33.3 million (about 2.9 billion yen)- 6.4 km of coastline is wonderful in the BahamasLighthouse CayWhole.

$ 621 million (about 54.4 billion yen)- I can buy hopping for all elementary school students in the USA.

$ 8.45 million (about 740 million yen)- Three teenagers can be paid to all American teenagers.

$ 8.3 billion (about 730 billion yen)- All American college students will be able to use the iPad.

$ 3 billion (about 260 billion yen)- Space travel can be presented to all US Senators.

$ 264 million (approximately 23.1 billion yen)- It can support 1 million children in the poor.

$ 3,432 million (about 300 billion yen)- Somehow Three Wolf Moon T - shirts popular among the Internet for all Americans.

$ 17 million (about 1.5 billion yen)- One more T - shirt of the same, to all Idaho states.

A total of 100 billion dollars (about 9 trillion yen)- This is the total price of BP lost since the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Approximately 3.5 billion dollars (about 300 billion yen) will be added to prevent this from continuing even now. Of course I still do not know how much this cost will continue to bulge and how much it will ultimately go.

9 trillion yen isGeneral account budget for FY 2010 in Japan, About 10% of the so-called national budget of 92 trillion 299.2 billion yen, or "sorting of projects" at the administrative reform conference(PDF file)Expenditure: 969.2 billion yenIt is about 10 times the amount of.

It is not directly related to the budget of Japan and the processing cost of BP, but it seems incomprehensible to see that savings saved by hard work like this happens ... ....

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