Love plus 1/8 figure series "Aegasaki Nene", "Aika Takamine" "Rinko Kobayakawa" appeared in Konami style only in November 2010

Wonder Festival 2010 [Summer]At the Konami booth of Konami booth, the Love Plus 1/8 figure series was released from November 2010, so Nagato Anegasaki, Aika Takamine and Rinko Kobayakawa were on display. It is quite good quality.

The photo report is from the following.
Wonder Festival 2010 [Summer] (KONAMI) - konamistyle

Release date is November 18, 2010, can be replaced with 5 types of hairstyle at 6500 yen including tax

Aika Takamine

Anegasaki Nene

Kobayakawa Rinko

In addition, there was "Nendoroid Takamine Aika" next to it. It is scheduled to be released in August 2010, 3500 yen including tax.

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