Romantic "Sengoku BASARA" Figure and Goods in Wonder Festival 2010 [Summer]

There are various figures and goods of Capcom's popular work "Sengoku BASARA" in the wonder festival 2010 [summer] venue.

Among them, the chopsticks with the warrior's sword as a motif were excellent, and it was made to be convinced strangely to the catchphrase "I can not fight if my belly decreased."

Details are as below. Kotobukiya booth's "One Coin Grande Sengoku Basara ~ The 1st Cup ~" (630 yen including tax)

"One Coin Grande Sengoku Basara - Second Quarter -"

The fourth team said that they will be released in December.

"Sengoku BASARA Date Masamune Nomiko Kaiden Chop" scheduled to be released in November (1050 yen including tax)

In the chopstick restraint is the letter "Let's party!"

By saying "I can not fight with hungry!", It seems that it will be pre-sold with comic market 78.

From here it is a Japanese sword chopstick series on sale. "Japanese sword chopsticks Sanada Yukimura" (1050 yen including tax)

"Japanese Sword Chopstick Date Masamune" (1050 yen including tax)

"Japanese sword chopsticks Keiji Maeda" (1050 yen including tax)

Nendoroid at the Good Smile Company booth.

Date Masamune has made the glare effective.

Yumo cute Yada Yukimura Sanada

At the Kaiyodo booth 's exhibition there was a diorama exhibiting a situation involving a battle.

The explanation of the exhibition is interesting. I also wanted you to display the Ashina Dancers by all means.

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