From a bundle to a white powder, a real suitcase sticker that makes you feel like a "carry-over"

Many suitcases have similar designs, and it is not unusual that there are many passengers in the same suitcase on the same flight of the airplane. Many people make it distinguishable by attaching a band or a name tag to be marked at the baggage claim station, leaving a sticker stuck on the airport attached, or sticking a sticker purchased by himself or herself maybe.

I will introduce a sticker that can be said to be the ultimate of decoration for such a suitcase. A unique design that "the suitcase is broken and the contents wallet and white powder are visible" is a unique design, realistic finish that seems to be caught a bit when security checks and immigration. Courage may be necessary to carry around, but it seems to be good for those who want individuality.

Details are as below.SUITCASE STICKERS «The Cheeky

I feel like a character of a mafia movie that cuts a bag with a knife and a bundle is crowded ...
It seems possible to come.

Is white powder cocaine ... .... Because it is a large sticker, it may be good when you want to conceal the stickiness of the suitcase or the sticker left behind with baldness.

Is it a setting called kidnappers' suitcases?

This seems to be an assortment of adult toys. There is the most realistic of these, and there is a high possibility of being mistaken as a genuine article.

These stickers are about 40 cm × 30 cm in size, $ 25 for each set of 4 pieces (about 2200 yen per shipping fee)The Cheeky.ComIt is on sale. It is possible to ship to the world.

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