People who show off interesting story while riding a roller coaster

Some think that some people say that when you ride a scary machine such as a roller coaster, you are distracted by speed and falling, you ended up crying out both hands or shouting loudly, but some of them are taken in the middle There seems to be some people taking various kinds of stuff on board in anticipation of there being. It is dangerous for objects to fall from the coaster running at high speed, so it is better not to imitate much, but it seems to be quite fun.

Details are as below.
Most Awesome Roller Coaster Prank Photos | ZUG

A couple who plays chess. OtherPeople who play chess while riding scary machinesThere are lots of things. Is it popular?

This is Jenga. I can focus on that while riding a screaming machine ... ....

Three people sleeping. The sleeping appearance of the middle person is cute.

Punch hard on her with a full smile.

I feel like Ikedai is doing very well.

And women who for some reason reveal their breasts. Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun.

Some people are facing the buddha even though everyone is working freely.

Some screaming machines take pictures of the way in the middle and there seems to be a lot of enjoyment after grasping the shooting point. If you see such a scream machine somewhere, it might be fun to try something interesting pictures.

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