ANA's Original Gunpla unveiled at the Launch Ceremony of Gundam Jet

Before we embarked the Gundam Jet, there was a launch ceremony held at Haneda Airport, and the exclusive ANA-coloured Gunpla(Gundam plastic model) was unveiled.

Pics after the cut!
The Gundam Jet poster greets you after security check.

The launch ceremony was held in front of the boarding gate before the Gundam Jet's maiden voyage.

The panel had ANA's and Bandai's logo.

The original Gunpla and a model plane of Gundam Jet was exchanged between an ANA official and a Bandai official. First, the model plane was handed from ANA to Bandai.

Next, the Bandai personage handed Gunpla to the ANA person.

After the ceremony, we were able to ogle the models up close. This is the 1/48 scale "Mega-size model Gundam ANA Original Colour Ver."

8,500 yen (about $98). Available exclusively to the passengers of Gundam Jet.

37.5cm (15 inch) tall.

Based on ANA's sky blue and ultramarine colour scheme.

With ANA logo here and there.


The most distinctive feature must be the ultramarine shield with sky blue cross, whereas the original RX-78 Gundam has red shield with yellow cross.

"HG 1/144 Gundam G30th ANA Original Colour Ver."

Though smaller than the mega-sized model, this one also looked pretty cool with metallic sheen.

The shield is also metallic.


12.5cm (5 inch) tall, 3,000 yen ($34). Again, available exclusively for the passengers of Gundam Jet. You can get a 10% discount for both models if you pay by ANA card.

Model of Gundam Jet.

Decal on the starboard side.

Port side.

Regrettably, the model plane is not for sale.

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