KDDI develops a tool to prevent "cyber bullying", extracts friends relationships on the net and visualizes it

In response to popularization of mobile phones and the Internet even for young people such as elementary and junior high school students, new problems are "Net bullying".

Because it is literally "bullying done on the net", not only it takes time for schools and guardians to grasp the situation, but also the circumstances of cyber bullying that may get into circumstances not only by the parties but also by the surroundings KDDI's tool to prevent it after elucidating "Wireless Japan 2010"We exhibited in.

Although it is in the development stage to the last, it is quite interesting content.

Details are as below.
An exhibition named "R & D of KDDI useful for society" was held at the KDDI booth.

In order to clarify the actual condition of the cyclic bullying and the cause of the occurrence, KDDI is using SNSBack to school siteIn addition to conducting surveys of personal websites called "professional" and "real".

Description of "real". It is possible to write personal feelings and situations in short sentences.

In order to express what happened and what I thought and feeling at that time with a short sentence, it became a short-circuited expression like "Majozai".

A concrete example of cyber bullying. By fighting emotions with short sentences like this, my friendship breaks down and develops into net bullying that involves surrounding friends ... .... Although it is regarded as fiction to the last, it is somewhat raw.

KDDI is developing a tool to prevent such cyber bullying.

First of all, we will automatically analyze profiles and real, and analyze written information.

And the written information to identify the owner of the personal web site to the original, by extracting the friendship of the net from a hyperlink, and to visualize things like who is who you're holding a positive or negative feelings you.

It is like this when you visualize a friendship relationship on the Internet that is visualized. Somehow visualized the network of romantic relationship "Jefferson High School Love Structure DiagramI remember ... ....

By the way, although the timing of commercialization and commercialization of this net shooting prevention tool is undecided, considering that schools and guardians are not able to deal with cyber bullying, there is no possibility to start moving toward practical use It may be impossible to say.

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