"Batman 3" scheduled to be released in the summer of 2012, Michael Cain slides her mouth starting from April 2011

"dark Knight"Batman 3" of the new generation "Batman" series has started to be taken around April 2011.

This is because the movie "InceptionIn the premiere of 'Inception' and 'Dark Knight', what Michael Caine is talking about. In Los Angeles, it seems that staff are already being arranged for shooting, and there is no official announcement from Warner, but it seems that the shooting time seems to be determined due to information from the performers as well.

Details are as below.
This is also a movie released in Japan from 7/23 (Friday)InceptionThe picture at the premier event of. DigitalSpy is interviewing Michael Caine.
YouTube - Michael Caine ('Inception')

Michael Caine said that "It is fun to work with director Christopher Nolan", but at the end it is asked "When will Batman 3 be taken?" And asked "Next year's It is about April, I answered "I know about this."

"Batman 3" is a sequel to "Dark Knight", the third work of the new-born Batman series. The director is supposed to release the megaphone, the same as "Dark Knight" "Inception" by Mr. Christopher Nolan, to be released in the summer of 2012 (July in the USA). Regarding shooting, the staff's schedule was taken from around March 2011, so it was speculated that it would be shooting at that time, but there was no official announcement from Warner. This time, Michael Caine, who is a performer (even though it slipped), acknowledged that it was taken around April, it seems to say that the rumor was true.

Incidentally, rumors saying that it will be made and released in 3D and conflicting rumors that Director Nolan prefers film rather than digital, 3D incompatible rumors say that it is not produced, but "Inception" was not 3D-produced (IMAX 2D version Because there is), it may be released only in 2D without taking a recent trend.

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