Sangaria became carbonated drink "Michukuju Chuuda" tasting review

SangariaThe famous beverage selling "Mikujuku"Is converted to carbonated drinks"Mitsubishi Juju"So I went to buy at once.

"Michukujuu Chu" is a commercialization of Osaka's coffee shop where "Mix Juice" is placed almost anywhere, but I have never seen a coffee shop that puts "Mix Juice Soda" in truth. What kind of product is it ....?

Details are as below.
Product Information> Carbonated Drinks> Mikubuchi Juju Chasuda - Sagaria pursuing natural drinks without hesitation

Regular "Michukujuu" is a 190ml canned drink, but "Michukuju Chuuso" is a 500ml PET bottle drink.

"That Mitcheque is in soda."

Raw material is like this, fruit juice uses oranges, apples, pineapple, peach, banana.

45 kcal per 100 ml.

Sangaria's cap. It is fresh as I do not see much.

I poured it into a glass.

Originally "Michukujuu" is characterized by a mild and deep sweetness in which all the fruit juices are mixed, but succeeded in making carbonated drinks while leaving its characteristics, the taste like ice cream melted cream soda is. The refreshing feeling that the carbonic acid is somewhat relaxed and shuffed is suppressed is tasty, but there is a drinking response.

Looking forward to the aggressive product development of Sangaria in the future.

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