Sweets collaborated with the movie "Mitsubachi Hatch" "Honey Milk Eclair" and "Honey Pudding" Tasting Review

FamilyMart began "Honey Fair" from July 6 (Tuesday). This means that when you purchase items targeted for fair, some of the proceeds will be donated to the "Mitsubaki Hatch Fund", and on July 31 (Saturday) a public movie "Insect Story Mitsubachi Hatch ~ Melody of Courage ~It seems to be a campaign tailored to.

There are six kinds of fair subjects, two of them were "domestic natural bee association members honey", so I bought it and tried it.

Details are as below.
Flowers filled. Honey bee honey. Campaign honey fair | Featured Products | Product Information | FamilyMart

Notice of Famima "Flower full, Mitsubachi Hatch Campaign" :: Eco Hatch Blog

"Honey Pudding" (160 yen) and "Honey Milk Eclair" (100 yen).

The pudding is marked "Domestically produced natural day bee association member honey" mark with large hatched on the label. The Japanese beekeeping honey Association strictly stipulates the standards, and the fact that this mark is included means that we use only domestically produced natural honey and that the moisture content is 22% (Japan Cooperative Standard).

There are plenty of honey on the pudding.

I feel like a pudding using honey instead of caramel sauce. Pudding is flat, it is not a crispy texture, but a slightly dusty type, honey tightly entangles.

This is Honey Milk Eclair.W Cream EclairIt does not seem to be related to the series.

It coats the outside with sugar, and inside contains honey milk custard.

The amount of custard is small, but there is enough sweetness with honey and sugar, I feel like I can awaken my eyes as I can eat this sugar at once when I eat this.

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