Tokushima Awa Dance Festival's Poster featuring "Touhou Project" and "Kara no Kyokai"

The annual Awa Dance Festival is to be held from August 12 to 15 in Tokushima.

Following last year's poster of the festival featuring Shiki Ryogi and Mikiya Kokuto from the anime Kara no Kyokai, there will be two anime-related versions of poster this year, adorned by characters from Kara no Kyokai and popular dojin game series Touhou Project.

Read on for details and pics.
Kara no Kyokai version shows yukata-clad Shiki Ryogi and Azaka Kokuto feeling the breeze on the bank of Shinmachi River.

Touhou Project version shows various Touhou characters including Reimu Hakurei(left), Marisa Kirisame(centre) and Sanae Kochiya(right), dancing on the street of Tokushima.

Both posters are done by anime studio ufotable. 500 of each will be printed to adorn the walls of shops and hotels in central Tokushima from mid July.

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