10 unexpected uses of Coca-Cola

In the hot season, the cooler Coca-Cola feels particularly delicious, but the use other than drinking was introduced. Because it is a thing in the immediate area, I feel reliable to use for various purposes.

It is interesting that many uses other than edible are being introduced, but Cola is a drink to the last. I do not expect too much of the effect, but I feel that it seems better to try it for a while.

Details are as below.Top 10 Unusual Uses For Coca Cola - Top 10 Lists | Listverse

1: Remove rust

Coke has excellent effect in taking rust. If it is a small thing, it is good to pick it up in a cola overnight and rub it well the next morning. As the cola breaks up the rust particles, if it is attached it becomes easier to remove. If there is any stain on the chrome plating, it seems easy to remove if you rub it a little cola on the rough cloth and rub it to draw a circle.

I do not think there is anyone to do but I should never drink the coke I used for rusting.

2: Window wiping

Citric acid contained in the cola seems to be effective also for window wiping. Especially, it seems to be effective for stubborn dirt on car window.

Roll the cola on one can window, then rub the window, then wipe the cola with a wet cloth with water clamped. You should think that it is a cheap replacement for citrus detergent sold by TV shopping etc.

3: Cooking

Coke can be used for various dishes. Mixing barbecue sauce and cola in 1 to 1 makes a delicious marinade, and it is also a good way to cook chicken whole in cola. Coke sugar coats chicken, it also has caramel flavor, citric acid makes meat taste good.

4: Deodorizing the smell of the fountain of skunks

It is a skunk that you do not see much in Japan, but if skunks are lurking around and you are plagued by the smell of that fruit, by adding 1 can of cola to a bucket of detergent, It seems to be able to prevent the smell from diffusing.

If myself is sprayed with farts, it is effective to put a cola from head to toe after waiting a shower, wait a few minutes and then sink.

5: First aid when jellyfish is stabbed

It seems that chemicals contained in Coke are effective for neutralizing the pain when jellyfish is stabbed. People on the coast are unlikely to have a jellyfish stomach lotion, but the possibility of having a cola is high, so it is perfect for use as a first aid. It seems that there is an effect just by pouring a cola on the painful part of a jellyfish and sinking the wound.

If you do not have a cola at hand, you can treat it by urinating the wound in the same way as urine, but it seems to be a point to use a cola rather ....

6: Clean the dark pot

If you use a pot, stubborn darkness may be created at the bottom. This happens by putting the pan over fire or cooking foods with strong acidity.

Pour a cola of about a dark part of the pot and put it on a low heat. Approximately 1 hour or so, if you wash pots as usual, it seems that blackheads will fall pretty.

7: Laundry

I got on my clothesGreaseDirt from oil and so on will not fall easily. Besides, the special detergent is quite expensive. Using a cola is cheap and seems to be able to easily remove dirt.

Put the oiled clothes in the washing machine, pour a cola one can there, and then wash normally, OK. In addition, this method is effective also when deodorizing clothes with unpleasant smell when blood gets on clothes.

8: Extermination of insects

Put the cola in a shallow dish and place it in the garden where insects frequently appear, snails and slugs come nearby, so it can be disinfected at once. If this goes well, it is economical without the need to buy insecticides.

When you want to exterminate small insects that come to plants like acidic soils such as azalea and gardenia, it is effective if you do the cola in the manner of watering.

9: Improvement in physical condition

There are various symptoms to be improved by Coke, and among them the most common one is elimination of stomach drool. When I drank a glass of cola slowly, my nausea and other things came. Also, it is said that diarrhea and sore throat are effective, but there seems to be various opinions on the reasons for that effect, so it is certain that you went to the hospital if you tried it for the time being and try it for the time being.

10: It causes an explosion

The colleague puts mentos and blows it out Known as "Mentos GeyserMany people may have watched a movie of. It is interesting to see how the cola blows out through chemical reactions, so I understand the feeling that I want to try, but let's do it in clothes and places that I do not mind even if it will be soaked in a cola.

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