I tried "white cucumber" for people who are not good at cucumber bitterness and odor

An old cucumber is not a green cucumber as it is now, half of it is white and half is greenHalf white (Hanjiro)It is said that it was what it was called. Common name "white cucumber" or "Half white cucumberIt is like that. The body is thick and the body is slightly viscous, it tastes good if it is made into a bowl or the like, and it is optimal for those who are not good at odds or bitter cucumbers because they are less odorous and bitter than ordinary cucumbers.

So I bought a white cucumber from Kyoto and tried it. Photo review is from below.
This is a white cucumber. It is about 250 yen with 2 pieces.

The ordinary cucumber that I bought as a comparison object below is the one. Not only the color but also the size is different .... It is about twice as big as ordinary cucumbers.

I tried salting and peeled a little. The color inside is also quite different. Also, if you hold it at this stage, the white cucumber feel a bit dull.

A cross section looks like this

Left white cucumber, right is normal cucumber. The middle of white cucumber is green for some reason. If you look closely it is a mouth filled with moisture. There is considerably freshness, I feel like wanting to crispy casually by holding it in my hand.

It looks like this when sliced.

If you go further down the big seeds. In recent cucumber seeds of this size are not included so it is quite unusual. There is nothing like a seed of watermelon but about seeds. When I tried eating it with just one grain, as a feeling it was about seed of a melon of melancholy, I felt that there was nothing to say because I ate.

I will cut it with tremendously


Soy sauce or mayonnaise, dressing or salt pepper, just like anything goes anything refreshing taste. There is no habit, yet it is a feeling that the good part of cucumber is left. Because the texture is solid, the chewy chewy chewing chewy is good, unlike the crawl of the hero. It certainly seems to be good for pickles ... it is the impression that. It is recommended for people who are not good at cucumber's unique bitterness and stinky.

In addition, although you can see the actual raising on the following page, it seems that it is more white when it is taken. It sounds really good.

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