A delicate object made of thousands of needles "seer bonnets - a continuing offense"

"Seer bonnets - a continuing offense" isAngela EllsworthIt is a work by Mr., using a tremendous number of staples, making up the form of a hat worn by Western women.

The surface looks as if the pearls are gathered and there is calm beauty, but on the opposite side the part of the needle sticks out and it has a very painful atmosphere.

Details are as below.Angela ellsworth: seer bonnets - a continuing offense

This is "seer bonnets - a continuing offense". I express the shape of a traditional women's hat with only a hand.

A sharp needle is bushbushing on the other side of the frill with frills.

The inside of the hat is supposed to be more awesome. It seems to be used for torture ...

The whole view looks something like this. The ribbon hanging from the chin portion has been extended long.

Of course, until the end of the ribbon, the back side has become a strange feeling.

It is as if a lot of ladies are gathering because there are many same things.

The back of the head is realistically reproduced up to the texture of the wrinkle of cloth made of cloth which is modeled.

The more you see it, the more texture on the face side is full of calm shine and it seems to be missed.

The unusual backside part, which is opposite to the gentle atmosphere of the front side, seems to express that the woman was once oppressed and could not live freely.

This work is being held until August 1The 17th Sydney BiennaleIt is said that it is exhibited at.

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