A convenience store clerk for a dog who is standing upright and serving customers

A convenience store in the state of Florida, USA, one dog seems to work as a member of the shop.

In a fairly dignified appearance, I am honored with clothes and clothes. If such a store clerk welcomes you, a little shopping every day seems to be fun.

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This is a dog clerk. She wears a uniform and puts a name tag on it, and she looks like she's patting up.

Like this, it seems that we are giving away impression to the drive-through customers. What a firm bond.

Customer attitude towards the same dog's customer is also perfect.

If you are looking at the customer's eyes, you can see the face is appearing at such a touch. Although it is difficult to arrange a dog clerk at a convenience store in Japan, it is still likely that a signboard dog has the effect of healing the heart.

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