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Today we will be able to take a one-day ride to JR West Miyajima ferry and JR Normal Nippon Express free seat of JR all-line regular train'Youth 18 Tick' releasedIt was done. The youth 18 ticket is spelled at 5,500 yen and it is 11,500 yen, which means that you can ride a day at 2300 yen per day. Also, since you can share each ticket with friends and use it, you can use it on a day trip with a good friend. People who want to travel alone for a long vacation or those who want to make a day trip by a large number of people may purchase it.

By the way, the sales period is from July 1st to August 31st, 2010 and the use period is from 20th July to 10th September 2010.

So, tomorrowJuly 2. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on 2 July one year ago.

Female swimmer who also went to the Olympic Games, Swimsuit will be torn off at the Mediterranean Games and exited - GIGAZINE

A negative American dream like the current American economy - GIGAZINE

8 rules for keeping a healthy diet - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Who the heck do you want? Will "Gal version AKB" be established? - Men's chiso(Entertainment, a frosty reaction such as "type that can be put on the Magic Mirror" on the net, "Who knows if any makeup is dropped")

Attractive points as "tick" in male rankings - daily rankings news - columns - goo rankings(Memo, a bit surprising place is No. 1)

A great cave of a big discovery in 1976 ... There was a demon indeed on Onigashima - real live(Sightseeing, though there is an Onigashima somehow there is a Moai statue)

"The most broken game of the past 10 years" chosen by overseas site TOP 10 - Game * Spark(Bugs are hard to fix as games, technically superior games become better)

Oka's thought of Sorry for the big typo in the century? It is! "Prime Minister Okada retires" as a topic | kokumai.jp Twitter Research Institute(It is considerably dangerous to misprint "Okada director" as prime minister in the newspaper, heading on one side)

From the morning "Voice Actor feature" wwwwwwwww: 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')(Anime, thick from the morning)

Warehouse behind the Chilla: Call for voting for Democratic party violating Gendai's election(The mass communication, dignifiedly using the heading "Vote for Democratic Party")

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Incomplete railway diorama, a story talking with the railroad Saga - Society(Model railroad, huge diorama with a total length of 300 m)

Twitter / ONO: "Eve's Time Theater Edition" Special Number - BD & DVD Release Special Release - "(Animation, movie "Eve's time'Special number is broadcast on TOKYO MX)

Emergency situation partly canceled 276,000 heads completed Completed - miyanichi e press(Society, the disposition of suspected infectious animals has already been completed, and Miyazaki prefecture will cancel partial emergency declaration issued throughout the prefecture)

Yahoo! UI Library 3 (YUI 3) Developer Tools (1/4): CodeZine(Explain the script, Developer Tools module that summarizes useful tools for development)

Open source "hummingbird" that can analyze real-time access: phpspot development diary(Software, animation display of user's access in real time)

Google explained the 4 points of Android 2.2 - ABC 2010 Spring - builder by ZDNet Japan(OS, speed of execution of Java program by 2 to 5 times, function to install application on SD card, etc.)

Genchiro annihilates from the capital Nikhon Yamori also endangered species - MSN Sankei News(Science, wetlands such as rice field decreased and environment of lakes deteriorated)

Yahoo pointed out that it was not declared from the Tokyo National Taxation Bureau, to file a dispute | Reuters(Economy, Tokyo Taxation Bureau did not recognize that the merger was proactively promoted from the necessity of business)

'Pixiv' first major renewal Twitter-like "stack feed" function - ITmedia News(Internet service, article distribution of news site also started on pixiv)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Extermination of Outpost Lizards Successful Removal of Secret Petapeta Operation Ogasawara - Science(Science, aiming to register as a World Natural Heritage next summer)

Twitter, to avoid heavy workload, we restrict API usage limit by half(Net service, restricting the use of reading API because 75% is via API)

Animation One | July 2010 Released animation works Twitter reputation(Evaluation and detailed analysis of each animation are possible on two axes of net service, large number of tweets and contents)

Current affairs dot com: New 'Yu Pack' start = Unified parcel delivery business - Japan Post(Mail, absorbing the "Pelican flight" and integrating the parcel delivery business, starting as a new "Yu-Pack")

Tobu Ikebukuro store "Bakusho" high-class wrist watch theft: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(An incident, a crime committed by a Chinese-based theft group "Bakusan" in the city of Ikebukuro)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): confirmed by a mouse that there was a pheromone in a tear of a man, no human being - science(Science, the result that "Male who plays pheromone are many in wild mouse and few in experimental mouse" is the same as human being)

【Whale rather than mackerel】 The image that Twitter whale is supposed to be in trouble 【It is already limitations】 - NAVER Conclusion(It appears on the net, Twitter error pageFail WhaleParody image collection)

Subtle stagnation in a surplus Nico Nico video - Ballet image research laboratory diary(The net, the quality has stabilized, but it became only some similar movies somehow)

Microsoft, development of the original mobile "KIN" ended in less than two months - ITmedia News(Mobile, it could be said that it was a short life, but it was successfully cut off)

CCC, "HMV" business acquisition is not postponed - final agreement has not been reached - Shibuya economic newspaper(Economy, the CCC which develops TSUTAYA was a policy to survive the "HMV" brand after acquiring all the projects, but the final agreement was not reached and HMV Shibuya closed on August 22)

"Harry Pota" Rupert Grint is the second DiCaprio! Scorsese supervises praise: movie news - movies. Com(Advice is that it is important to challenge various roles without fear of difficulties such as gangs, corruption policemen, learning disabled people, by breaking the shell so far in the next few years)

Price for converting your PC to 3D (Excite Bit Connector) - Excite News(About 75,000 yen with hardware, monitor, glasses, graphics card and 3D conversion software)

A whale is licking, an ancient gigantic sperm whale is a "murder of the sea" international news: AFPBB News(Science, a gigantic whale with 14 meters in length with long thick teeth as long as the human forearm)

Continue to Burger! "Rice to eat" pasta from the first kitchen appeared - Tokyo Walker(Food, using two types of fried garlic sticking to spicy fragrance and delicious umami)

Gion festival: at Yasaka Shrine starting in Kyoto "Sen no Tamii" - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Society, Summer Festival in Kyoto · Gion festival began today.)

The taste of ancient Egypt? Kyoto University etc. non alcoholic beer: economic news: money · economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Food, "Taste ancient romance" is one of selling)

Britney Spears, Investigation by Commercial Commissioners for Alleged Child Abuse - Cinema Today(Entertainment, allegations emerging from testimony of former bodyguard)

Idol festival "TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2010" will be held in August, Shinagawa will burn hot!(Memo, the final number of participations will be close to 30 pairs)

[Jp] How did the last search service NAVER change over the past year?(Net service, the number of monthly unique users is 586 thousand people, monthly page view number is 63.18 million)

TV Asahi | Masked Rider Oze / OOO(Special effects, "Masked Rider Oze transforms with three medals! From a monster who eats human desires, confront people with a variety of form changes not so far to protect people!")

Oracle Asia Pacific & Japan Media Center - Japan Oracle employees dog Wendy(Creatures, other worlds at 4:30 am on Thursday July 1, 2010)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Choking of jelly jelly, severe rate 85% Consumer agency analysis - Society(It is supposed to greatly exceed the "severity rate" of other foods such as food, rice cake and candyThis report by the governmentTo a different result)

Porn industry slashing Flash and transitioning to HTML 5 - Slashdot Japan(In the industry, because Apple does not allow you to use HTML 5 to provide porn for iPhone as well)

To the country that is delighted with the defeat of the World Cup, it is impossible to say forever such as the Best 4 | Weekly · Uesugi Takashi | Diamond · Online(Criticism of sports, cheap impression)

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