Headline news on June 25, 2010

NHK Global Media Service,A service that can confirm the breaking bulletin of the House of Councilors election on July 11 by cell phoneWe announced that it will provide.

When registering a specific candidate in advance from the mobile news site "NHK News & Sports", the contents of "NHK News and Sports" will be delivered by e-mail at about the same time as NHK's election, It is said that services such as "customized" customized slides can be expanded. Because you want the results you want on pinpoint, it might be useful to use it in conjunction with the voting before the date.

So, next MondayJune 28. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on June 28th one year ago.

A cat catching a bat in the air cats that came into the house - GIGAZINE

Extremely dangerous landing movies at Honduras · Tongkong Ting International Airport that needs a big turn - GIGAZINE

Disclosure of the IP address of the user acquired by "Web fishery" - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.Togetter - Conclusion "Powerful defense activation to" Hachiko "by the influence of the World Cup of Football that decided to advance to the final tournament in 3-1(Sports, Hachiko intersection is a big fuss since the game ends)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Japan victory, sleepy blown Shibuya intersection 3 thousand high-touch - sports(Soccer, "The game is over, please do not blow the vuvuzela" if this World Cup)

Togetter - Conclusion "Supporters gathered at Dotonbori in Kansai, unfortunately a dive case also occurred"(Sports, Dotonbori Dive from early morning)

VIP Wide Guide: Making Okada's Director Baked Daisukeba(Sports, apologies for everyone)

"Oka, sorry" Japan, World Cup finals T advancement, "Twenty-one apologies" hashtag appeared - ITmedia News(Sports, people who criticized Okada's commandment turned around and apologized)

The model of Japan's national team winning and losing expectations of Komori Jun's great things: Hamster preliminary bulletin(Football, at the stage of June 13 I was hitting perfectly the victory or defeat including the point difference)

South African World Cup: hot-pot, ramen ... players active, support with Japanese food - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Since sports, South Africa is winter, menu was given whether there was clog pot, ramen, etc.)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): World Cup Crushed French, Developing to Political Problem President himself reformed - International(Sports, "the end of the world" and criticism)

"Dobbs defendant society" for moving out two students in the capital city due to video problems - MSN Sankei News(Case, president "I am sorry for the people who published the video due to malicious activity of the students of this university, we will work to restore the original safe learning environment")

Around us, spelling over the speech rule and conflict with the democratic ... Upper House election notice: Society: sports broadcast(There is no provision for the case where the place and time of the election speech overlap in politics and public office election law)

"Friend can not protect" Suicide boy himself was also targeted for bullying - MSN Sankei News(Bullying, because you protected a bullied friend, you also became subject to bullying)

WEBRONZA - Asahi Shimbun(Media, Asahi Shimbun started a new site for free at no charge until the end of July to 735 yen per month for paid sites from July)

Twitter / Toshihisa Sasaki: Asahi Newspaper WEBRONZA started and I ...(Set the media fee of Asahi's WEBRONZA manuscript fee of 10,000 yen per month, even if you write anything in the month, the maximum amount is 20,000 yen)

KONAMI, DS "Love plus +" launch memorial live interview !! In live they answered the question! - GAME Watch(You can see that it was quite interesting taste if you read it with games, "When the appearance it was truly roaring up from the venue as expected")

People who were real NTR (sleeping) with "Love Plus +" that can be done today too · · ·(Game, limited edition was erroneously placed on the neighbor, opened without permission and played up)

Angel really existed ... "PS3 Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater" started delivery! It is! : 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')(It will be awesome with the feeling that the game is "angel chan angel angel" "serious angel" "angel chan angel angel" "angel was in PS3")

Why was the song called by whom in a cheerfully? It is about 20 years ago. - Human Interest Search Hatena(Music, because it was used also in CM recently it may come with pins)

Wake to climb a mountain with a skirt? Women who are addicted to outdoor in fashion 【1】 - Trend - Nikkei Trendy Net(Fashion, rather than enjoying mountain climbing, "I'm keen to produce" a fashionable bite in the mountains ")

Frisk Case "FRISK" part freely (Excite Bit Connector) - Excite News(It makes a case that the logo part of FRISK is replaced with a favorite character)

I said, "You restart later" does not you? Kimi is kinda persistent, is not it? : 2 Summary R - Livedoor Blog(PC, it is best to restart it quickly)

Adobe's 64-bit version of "Flash Player" - the reason for discontinuation and future policy - CNET Japan(Software, reasons why provision is temporarily suspended)

Tips to get old iPhone as high as possible - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net(It seems that it is exhausted to solve it at an early stage of mobile anyway)

Secret media in China: Chinese whispers JBpress (Japan Business Press)(Politicians, Chinese leaders are not trusting what they read in the newspaper but direct their own special news to the state-owned telecommunications company "Xinhua")

A man who left it "Do not wake me", the Netherlands international news found in the body four years later: AFPBB News(International and police officials said "brothers and sisters are surprised that they did not notice the perverted smell" but denying criminality at the present stage)

Sturin quarantine victim for 480 people in excavation - MSN Sankei News(Overseas, most of the skull had penetrating traces of bullets)

[Press Release: About the Cancel of "Kobe - Ibaraki Line" - Skymark(Transportation, Ibaraki airport is shared with the Self Defense Force and there are restrictions on flight operation, so the scheduled flight at Ibaraki airport is only for Seoul flights of Asiana Airlines)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Ministry of Defense Expands Air Defense Identification Area Yonaguni Island at the West End - Politics(Military, so far 2/3 west of the island was Taiwan's air defense identification area)

Lifestyle / Goer former US Vice President, allegations requiring sexual relations to the massage emerged / The Wall Street Journal, Japan Online Edition - WSJ.com(International, lack of evidence has led to litigation)

Is ".XXX" for pornographic sites finally banned? | Spillover of the world | Reuters(It is estimated that there are 370 million pornographic related sites on the net and the net, and ". Xxx" may be the scale after ".com")

Nakanishi Rina 's shock nude of former AKB 48 came ah ah ah (with image) - Funny breaking(Entertainment, pause the entertainment activities on June 6Return home to OitaAlthough it had announced, it was released on June 25FridayIt seems to come back in nude gravure)

Au's platform strategy to move to KCP 3.0 | key person interview - mobile phone Watch(Mobile, the newly introduced voice terminal platform "KCP 3.0" was based on the reflection of "KCP +" which continued troubles)

Yodobashi.com - Gold point gift for review!(Net service, up to 100 points will be given when reviewing purchased items)

Is it really beneficial for point cards? | Life Hack Channel 2(Lifestyle, the capacity of the wallet becomes strict when using point cards of various shops)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "Hayabusa" opening capsule opening trace amount of gas started - Science(Science, expectation that it takes about one week to completely open the capsule)

Pet infections: infection from pets is careful, sucking in ... excessive contact avoidance cleanliness - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(There are diseases that develop by pet, dog or cat being caught or scratched)

Impact canceler speed when gameboy becomes color(It was a subtle color as the game already had PC engine GT and game gear)

Magical Chopstick release event in Akiba - Magical girl Tonkotori - Akiba Keizai Shimbun(An eagle using a transformation item such as memo, "Creamy Mami" "Magical Star Magical Emi" as a motif)

Convenience stores with tobacco tax increase: Nikkei Business Online(Memo, 103 issues out of 105 stocks will be raised from October)

No protests will be accepted | October 2010 Tobacco price hike, 103 stocks out of 105 stocks. What are the remaining two?(Memo, one that does not raise is one box of 750 yen "Sobranie"Two brands)

Summer Limited Weather Website "Garaten" - Collaboration with Garigari, Gary Index and Thermal Expression - Akasaka Keizai Shimbun(Web service, daily heat level is anticipated as "Gari index")

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Sapporo The first thing is that the noodles are different at every taste(The diet, the thickness of the noodles and how to shrink are subtly different)

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