Production is difficult, iPhone 4's white model release is expected to be delayed by about a month

Although it is Apple 's iPhone 4 released today, it became clear that the release of the white model is expected to be delayed by about a month.

Apparently, the white model seems to have a higher hurdle in manufacturing than the black model.

Details are as below.
Statement by Apple on White iPhone 4

According to Apple's press release, the white model of the iPhone 4, which the company launched today in five countries today, will be released in late July, due to manufacturing difficulties beyond expectations. There is no problem with the black model.

By the way, about the iPhone's white model, in 2008From the white model user of "iPhone 3G", reports report that "The body cracked in a few days after using it"When thinking that troublesome trouble occurred originating from the strength of the main body, it may be that the reason why manufacturing was difficult this time was that the hurdle to secure the strength of the main body was high.

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