Cuter Than Thou: Ferret VS Kitten Cuddly War

Kittens are adorable, but so are ferrets. Naturally, conflicts occur when a kitten and a ferret live in the same house, competing for the owner's affection and bickering about things in general.

Here are some ridiculously cute videos of ferrets and kittens that seem to be in complex love-hate relationships.

Videos and pics after the cut!
YouTube - Ferret VS Kitten

Ferret A: Who's that guy?

Ferret A: What's he doing in our playhouse?

Kitten: Mighty Kitten Punch(TM)!

Ferret A calls his brother for help.

Big brother comes to the rescue.

Ferret B: Huh? Where'd he go?

Ferret B: Better investigate...

Kitten: Take this!

Kitten: Mighty Kitten's Surprise Attack(TM)!

Ferret A: Bro, are you okay?

This one's a bit long (over 8min.) but the first thirty seconds or so is pure cuteness overload!
YouTube - Kitten vs Ferret @NicoNico

Another must-see sequence, around 01:58. Kitten gets force-cuddled and pecked by ferret.

In this case, the cat seems to be the affectionate one.
YouTube - Ferrets refuse to wake up no matter what!! (^0^)

Ferret gets nuzzled, pecked, spooned, pawed and squashed in its sleep, oblivious to it all.

Apparently, ferrets are seriously heavy sleepers.
YouTube - FERRETS: Sleeping, not dead.

Sleeping, not dead.

Here's a video showing the moment a ferret falls asleep.
YouTube - ferret falling asleep

Trying to fight the sandman...

...but defeated.

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