Data communication terminal that can use both high-speed WiMAX and area wide au at a very low cost finally started selling

Last SeptemberKDDI plans to release a data communication terminal that combines its own communication service "CDMA 1X WIN" with the next generation high-speed communication service "WiMAX" that achieves downlink maximum of 40 Mbps and upstream maximum of 10 MbpsWe announced it, but it became clear that sales will begin at last.

Besides equipped with a handover function that automatically switches communication methods according to the situation, communication fee for both high-speed WiMAX and area-wide au is installed, and the usage fee is also very inexpensive.

Details are as below.
Start selling WIN data communication terminal with WiMAX function and offering a dedicated rate plan | 2010 | KDDI CORPORATION

According to the press release of KDDI, the company will sell WIN data communication terminals "DATA 01", "DATA 02", "DATA 03", "DATA 04" which can be used for the first WiMAX and CDMA 2000 networks in Japan on June 29, 2010 ) From Kanto and Okinawa districts.

USB modem type "DATA 01"

Express card type "DATA 02"

USB modem type terminal "DATA 03" for pay-per-use billing

Express card type terminal "DATA 04" for fixed rate charging

In these WiMAX service areas, these terminals will be able to use data communication of maximum 40 Mbps downlink and 10 Mbps maximum uplink, up to 3.1 Mbps downlink and up to 1.8 Mbps uplink in the service area of ​​CDMA 2000, and WiMAX and CDMA networks , A handover function that automatically switches the communication method according to the radio conditions of both sides is implemented.

Start selling WIN data communication terminal with WiMAX function and offering a dedicated rate plan | 2010 | KDDI CORPORATION

Although it is an interesting price plan, "DATA 01" and "DATA 02" correspond to the new plan "WIN single fixed amount WiMAX" "Business WIN single fixed amount WiMAX" which can use flat rate data communication, the monthly usage fee is According to. The charge written as "discount application" is "WIN Single Set DiscountOr "Everybody Discount SingleThis is the case when I joined.

Simple courseWhen applied

Full support courseWhen applied

"DATA 03" and "DATA 04" correspond to metered data communication, and the rate plan is below.

Simple course applied

When full support course is applied

When contracting with au's data communication card "W05K" etc. aloneMonthly usage fee is 5460 yen (WIN Single Set Discount or Everybody Discount Single Use), And when you contract UQ WiMAX aloneMonthly usage fee is 4480 yen (UQ Flat contract)Considering that it is, it is very reasonable that both services can be used at the lowest price with a flat rate of ¥ 5,750 per month.

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