To reprint the last episode of "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST" in the September issue of the boys, due to the large number of people who could not read the July issue due to outright success

It was released on June 11 "Shonen cancerIn the July issue, signboard works "Full Metal Alchemist"ButPeriod for the 9th year serializing the final roundI hit.

However, the July issue has been sold out quickly in many bookstores quickly, and there are people who said they will not get it. It seems that SQUARE ENIX also rushed inquiries, but there was also a magazine or additional publication was not done, and the issue was in a state that the price is several times higher than the regular price of 540 yen at the auction.

In light of this situation, Square Enix decided to re-record the final episode of "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST" in the September issue of "Shonen Ganggan".

Details are as below.

"Steel Alchemist" (work by Hiroshi Arakawa) has been published in juvenile cancer since 2001 and has been posted for 9 years since it was completed in the July 2010 issue. In 2004 he received the Shogakkan cartoon award, was animated in 2003 and 2009, and as for the sales of the monograph, the largest number of 42 million copies are recorded in the comics issued by Square Enix as of the 24th volume It is.

The boy Gangan July issue on which the final round was posted was released on Friday, June 11, but sold out quickly, people who did not get it in succession.

Square Enix had a lot of voices saying "I could not read the final episode of" FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST ", I want somehow", but already there is no inventory of SUGENI and additional publication planned In the condition that there was nothing, it became a situation where the price of about 6 times the price is attached at the auction. In response to this strong demand, it is said that in Sueni, it was decided to re-post "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST" the final round in a September issue of a boys gangan released on Thursday, August 12.

Probably this time it is supposed to prepare a number for the Square too, so I do not think there is any situation that the September issue will be sold out, but in the end I wish it was better to reprint the July issue from the beginning I feel it. Although it is unusual to print reprints of magazines, it was not until now that in the year 2008Comic REXBut"Kannagi"Drama CD has been attached to privilege There are cases that it is popular and sold out quickly and reprinted.

Does the September issue go hand in hand?

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