Two of them are friends, animation that another tortoise helps the tortoised tortoise

It is upside down and I can not get up on my ownTortoiseAnother turtle helps by pushing it a little, it is just that but I will introduce some images that make my heart hot.

If you look at feeling lonely, there may be people who tears in the glare of the beautiful turtle's friendship.

Details are as below.YouTube - Tortoise helps tortoise

Another turtle trying to save the tortoise that turns inside out. You can also look like a voice calling out "Looking for something right?

Although we start turning around and starting to push ......

Whether the push position was bad or not, the first thing turns horizontally and does not turn over.

During that time the tortoise who will be able to help continues to move limbs. It seems that I have found a good position while keeping pressing ......

I succeeded in brilliant rescue.

When looking up in the state of being awake, the body seems to be bigger than the tortoise that the tortoir helped helped. Perhaps it is not friends but parents, brothers, couple.

The two will go away.

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