Secretly sneaked into the royal host's "Twitter and Yu-Stream Adult Curry Party" secretly

Due to the aggressive nature of whether it is getting too fast and reacting at any time,There are no people inside, is not actually a bot?"The official Twitter account of the Royal host where the theory was flowing"Roiho Tan"As a trigger, what is going on and what happened, Royal host directly"Adult curry party with Twitter and You stream"Thursday, June 17th (Tuesday) from 20 o'clock to 21.30 pm We did at the Royal Host Kagurazaka store.

As for this event, as the title, an event about the curry of the new menuTwitterWhenUSTREAMIt's like "Are you sure it's okay" to exhaust losing dada leakage thoroughly, and invite several pairs from among those who follow Ruiho's randomly, and also various company accounts Curry 's new menu inviting "middle man" and celebrity entertainersSee summer tasting articlesI feel like I surround him. This time I quietly endured it inside.

The on-site report is from the following. Arrived at the Royal Host Kagurazaka store.

There is such a signboard at the entrance.

Whether it reflects the land pattern, decorated with rich feeling.

Kitchen is a family restaurant and it is hard to believe. Range cooking is rare, and it is also convincing equipment that we make in the shop.

Announced with a letter with a taste that I do not know well for the feeling of being hit.

Adjusting camera to use for streaming to Ustream.

You shoot from this angle.

The curries that are served today are lined up.

When the admission time has passed and the customers started entering, the viewing was just as ordinary as the customers were in.

The event began. Mr. Fujii of the moderator 's flying stone consecutive holidays is going on and on.

This is what it looks like in Ustream.

It seems like this will inform the theme of the tweet and apply for it.

During the event, Twitter's timeline flows to the big screen, and it seems that you can see the Roy Huang replying to the tweets with the quickness like the usual lightning stone.

Actually, Loiho is lurking somewhere in the venue and I am Twitter while hiding behind the scenes.

Roiho who is doing Twitter while watching Ustream on dual display. Or cool.

On the other side, I am merely manipulating such obstinate equipment.

To tell without cheating events, countless cables are messed up.

As a matter of course, the owner of the selected accounts recruited on Twitter, obviously will not forget to tweet on handheld hands. It is different from somewhere twitter drama.

There were a lot of people taking pictures to tell this curry's deliciousness and other things.

A chop.


Even on the iPhone. Or, the iPhone rate is too high in this royal host.

I also went to our editorial department for a long timeDiscover the fiercest who can master the state-of-the-art device · iPad.

While watching the flyer of this event, while fiddling with the cell phone.

Furthermore, the video camera is patrolling and it seems that the audience seems to make Dada leak.

A small camera also in such a place. There is no disconnection or skiing.

But participants are also photographers. This is the fact of Dada leakage!

Somewhat shooters and people who are taking a picture are also mixed, making it a very chaotic situation.

People in the corporate account all together. From left to rightOKWave OK,Xebi Tan of Super Sports Xebio,Full time flutinating corporation.

In the endPerson in Richmond Hotel. Richmond older brother, and Roy Huon call it, but there seems to be no blood relationship.

From the person on the camera's perspective to the left,Katokichi of Table Mark Corporation,Zensho official approved fan representative,Hands of Tokyu Hands.

Although the time was greatly exceeded, the event ended and the event ended. Dada leakage We closed the curtain with an atmosphere like extreme here.

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