New Xbox 360 The movie that opened "Xbox 360 S" immediately

In the Microsoft Conference of E3 2010New thin Xbox 360 "Xbox 360 S" officially announcedAlthough it was done, a movie that opened this one appeared at once.

What is opening up is Leo Del Castillo, general manager of the hardware development team, who touches plenty of the attractiveness of Xbox 360 S.

Details are as below.
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Leo Del Castillo general manager of hardware development team is only a hand appeared, but will introduce Xbox 360 S.

I will break the wrapping paper dynamically and dynamically.

Box, appearance.

And opened. The "Jump In" character appeared.

A firmly protected body.

I carefully peeled off and protecting the seat.

If you look closely, you never grab the body. Because it is a shiny black, is it because of hand grease when touching with bare hands?

When it is landscape it will look something like this.

Rear side.

There are three USB ports.

This is an HDMI port, and above it is a video cable connection terminal. Next to the left is an optical digital audio terminal.

Power supply section. The shape has changed from before, and the use of the AC adapter does not work.

This is the new type AC adapter. Previously, it was a large American, but it was quite miniaturized.

Exchange of HDD is fairly easy. It is almost one touch.

Turn on the power. I feel that noise reduction has improved considerably.

Naturally smooth opening and closing of the disc tray.

There are two USB ports on the front of the main unit.

It seems that the peripherals of the 360 ​​era can be used as it is, so it is nice that the assets do not become par. However, since piano black is a bit too late, I would like a model of matte black or white, is there any plan to release it in the future?

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