I thought that it was big chocolate and iPad was in it

It seems that there was an incident that the iPad was in while thinking that it was just a big chocolate. People who got this chocolate could safely get the iPad inside, but it might have been a serious thing if you tried to mistake it for a real chocolate with kitchen knife etc.

Details are from the following.
IPad un (chocolate) boxing «Ahead, Robot!

Peel off the paper packet that arrived home ... ....

Big chocolate came in from inside.

While thinking "It is somewhat a heavy chocolate," as he peels off the tape affixed to the bag, he seems to have connected to the inside of the chocolate.

A white thing appeared somewhat from inside.

As I thought something was carefully peeling off chocolate ... ....

The iPad came out.

This is a little surprise that Stefan living in Cape Town in South Africa set for his wife's birthday. My wife wanted an iPad, so my birthday gift was decided, but I thought that he would not be very happy even if he gave it as it is, and he seems to have come up with such a surprise. However, because South Africa can not receive services such as iTunes, it seems that what you can do is considerably restricted.

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