"Double breakfast · Egg Mac · Big Mac" which is too heavy since morning, over 2,300 kilocalories

It is simple in morning Mac and it has been seasoned just right for breakfastEgg Mack Muffin. It seems that some people made their own morning Mac menu called "Double break Egg Mac Big Mac" that has more than 2,300 calories by combining such Egg Mack Muffin with other menus.

I use the rough skill to use Egg Mack Muffin instead of Buns and it is too heavy to eat from the morning.

Details are from the following.
Will They Build It? McDonalds (Double Breakfast EggMc Big Mac) | Top Cultured

The material used isEgg Mack Muffin2, sausage patty 2, scrambled egg, pancake (hotcake), hotcake syrup, hash potato. The cost is $ 10 54 cents (about 965 yen).

It is like this when actually matching.

Egg Mack Muffin is the foundation.

Put plenty of mac sauce on the egg mac muffin.

Sausage patty and scrambled egg on it.

Furthermore pancake and hot cake syrup overlap.

Next, pancakes to hash potatoes.

Again sausage muffin will have mac sauce.

Finally we finished with Egg Mack Muffin. What a rough skill to use Egg Mack Muffin instead of Buns.

I try to bite it. It seems difficult to enjoy all the taste in a bite.

By the way, the total number of calories of this "double breakfast · egg mac · big mak" is 2360 kcal, which is about one calorie intake of one adult male in one.

As expected it is hard to eat this much from the morning.

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