Image of Armor Limo "ZIS-115" that fear dictator Joseph Stalin used favorably

Not only politicians and bureaucrats but also musicians, actors, newspaper reporters and ethnic minorities, together with that numberPurge the former Soviet people, which is said to be 12 million people with 2 million people, When my son failed to kill a hand gun"He could not even shoot the gun straight."Indeed a ruthless unspoken dictator,Joseph Stalin. The limousine he used was thoroughly bulletproofed and seems to be able to see his character who is said to have always been scared of the horror of assassination

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This armored limousine ZIS 115 was developed after the luxury car manufacturerZILBecame the source ofZIS (meaning Stalin Factory).

It became the base.ZIS-110Added a center fog lamp and warning light to the window, the shape of the window has also changed. A total of 32 items of the same type were made.

It seems that it was for exclusive party leaders of the former Soviet Union, more exclusively for Stalin.

Ballistic glass thickness is 7.5 cm.

Armor is not a method of sticking panels, but rather a sturdy stuff that integrates a steel box in the car body.

The car body with a total length of 6 m weighs 4.2 tons. Although it is possible to run at 120 km / h, the fuel consumption is the worst level of 3.6 km / liter from the modern point of view.

As much as this heavy armor, furthermore Stalin did not use the same car for more than two days, and the route also changed every time It seems that the fearful way was said to be paranoid.

A picture of those days.

The existing ZIS - 115 is almost one of this. It is likely to be a valuable historical material to know Stalin's personality.

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