Hedge type machine that can move while hiding

It is a hedge that can be hidden easily, and it is also an active hegemony during hide-and-seek, but when you are hiding you can not move much, it is a difficult point. However, there seems to be someone who made a machine that can solve such a disadvantage, and in the movie that is being released, it seems that the driver is looking forward while seeing the appearance of the driver.

Details are as below.
Terrestrial Shrub Rover in Newport NH - a set on Flickr

This is "Terrestrial Shrub Rover" made by Justin Shull. It is a simple hedge at first glance.

However, in fact it is possible for people to enter inside. You can also move while hiding yourself.

The inside looks like this. I will drive using a monitor that can see the outside.

A movie that shoots the situation when it is moving. It seems difficult to get over the level difference etc on the structure, but it seems to be able to run if it is a flat road to some extent. It may be slightly suspicious while moving.
YouTube - Terrestrial Shrub Rover

In addition to "Terrestrial Shrub Rover", other works by Justin Shull can be seen from the following links.

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