What seems to be over PT2 "DECULTURE PT 2X 2" eventually became

It was released in April as a presence exceeding 3-wave compatible digital tuner "PT 2" for Earth software's personal computer, which is proud of its high popularity because it can record terrestrial digital broadcasting, BS digital broadcasting, 110 degree digital CS broadcasting at the same time up to four programs simultaneouslyDECULTURE PT 2 X 2"The mysterious capture board attracted a hot topic,Just before May 1 of the release date, suddenly the release will be postponed for about a monthWas announced, and the user who expecteded got a form which took an unexpected shoulder watermark.

And more than one month has elapsed since the postponement of the release, is it probably that the medal of launch stands?

Details are as below.
DECULTURE PT 2X 2 For customers who have made a reservation | GFOUTLET's blog

According to the contents updated on May 24th, the official blog of "GFOUTLET" in Tokyo · Akihabara, about the mysterious capture board "DECULTURE PT 2X 2" which is said to be "exceeding PT 2", the fact that the delivery date is postponed again from the supplier It seems that a message of contact has arrived.

While the cause of the postponement was due to "the procurement mistake of the parts" last time, this time it is said that due to "defect occurrence" on the product, the delivery date will be in the middle of June at the shortest, but to the last He said that he was not confirmed.

In response to this postponement, GFOUTLET will refund once to the reserved users and will preferentially announce when the delivery is confirmed.

By the way, for "DECULTURE PT 2 X 2"The company sold to the CEO of the PC shop "Iosys" etc. was soldAlthough it is regarded as being the selling source, in the online store "DECULTURE" operated by the company, there is no announcement about the delivery date etc.

DECULTURE PT 2 × 2 Ground · BS / 110 CS digital tuner (DECULTURE DECULTURE - Yahoo! Shopping

If the release of "DECULTURE PT 2 X 2" seems to be delayed further,Earth software expressing the comment "Please pay attention to similar products"Although it seems to be releasing a new product which will be the successor model of PT2 in the first place, it is a place where the future trend is worrisome.

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