I have eaten "Dominated Burger Burger" of Dom Dom Berger quietly celebrating its 40th anniversary

There are many fast-food chain stores, but among them it is called a "hamburger shop"McDonald's"Mos burger"LotteriaI think that three of us will come to mind first. Consider further "Burger King"Freshness Burger"First Kitchen", Withdrawing"Wendy'sAlthough there are many shops such as "Burger chain store with few opportunities to go"Domdomom burger"is.

This year it seems that Domdomom burger celebrated its 40th anniversary since its birth, "Okonomiyaki Burger" was released as a resurrection menu from June 1, so I went to eat. There is a place, but people who are not in the neighborhood have a chance to eat almost zero Dom Dom Burger. Even at the editorial department, there was a voice saying "Since when ...", how was the Domdom Burger after a long time?

Review from below.

Arrived at a shop in Domdomomberger. Once used as a representative of eating and drinking establishments in Daiei, Daiei itself is now reducing the number of stores, currently more than 100 stores nationwide. By the way, it is the first hamburger shop / fast food shop in Japan.

This is the normal menu of domdom.

And this time I will eat "Konomiyaki Burger" and its family that revived on the 40th anniversary of Colom, Domdom Burger.

Burger also said that it is the strongest purported ever in Dom history.

Rush into the store.

Properly "Okonomiyaki Burger" is a new release letter.

I ordered all 5 kinds at once.

About 5 minutes to wait, 5 types of Okonomiyaki burger and normal hamburger for comparison came. Those with a blue bag are your favorite baked burger, purple is your favorite grilled egg burger. Each one with a yellow plain tape was put in cheese, and those with domedom tape entered pork. And the red guy in the lower right is a normal hamburger.

First of all for reference, I tried out a normal hamburger. Since it is a single item, it is 180 yen.

Patti is sandwiched between the buns. Very simple.

An onion secretly hid under the patties. He is a bad guy.

And this is a reborn Okonomiyaki burger, single item 260 yen.

A bonito is dancing, and it smells like okonomiyaki.

YouTube - Dom Bomber's 'Okonomiyaki Burger', Dancing Bonjo

It seems that Patty is not used if it is used .... However, it seems not to be Okonomiyaki.

"Cheese ball" will enter cheese under this okonomiyaki. 310 yen.

"Pork ball" with pork on top of okonomiyaki, 310 yen.

The amount of this pork is too lonesome.

"In egg" feels like it got luxurious at once, 310 yen.

A fried egg with the same size as okonomiyaki is on board.

The final is "Mix" 410 yen.

In Okonomiyaki it seems that there are many pigs and squid balls when saying "Mix", but in this case it is a pig ball + egg + cheese.

All six types, we will receive.

Okonomiyaki seems to be rather pretty, and it tastes just before frying soybean paste. Although it is not bad in itself, it is very disappointing that bonito becomes entangled with the sauce and comes out in one piece at a stroke all the time or not being able to know where the pork is. Because it is a memorable 40th anniversary, I wanted you to make it an item with impact, because it's one kind.

One of the editorial staff, while eating a domestic hamburger of Domdomom, said, "When I was in elementary school 2nd grade," you, you often eat that kind of thing ... it is tasty ... "I asked a strange look I thought of a conversation with my mother, "he said. Certainly, I should have not eaten the Dom Burgers for about 10 years, but as soon as I ate a bite, I remembered what I did when I ate a Dom Burgers at elementary school. It may be a taste of nostalgic memories for those who have a Daiei in their neighborhood.

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