Art decorated with a race that turns everything into an elegant atmosphere

We introduce artworks that make you feel elegant by using lace knitting to produce a gorgeous atmosphere for various things. It is decorated with a wide range of laces from furniture interior to living things, and each unique atmosphere is born.

Details are as below.
"Table 111". It is decorated tightly to the feet.

"Euro-Vision". I feel that I do not feel calm for some time to keep watching for a long time.

"El Matador" which seems to believe if it is said that such costume from the beginning.

"Manolito". There is a graceful atmosphere.

"Gorette". A balanced pattern crab.

"Piano Dentelle". It seems that a light sound is coming.

A horse like a brand name "Tornado".

People's face can also be decorated with races.

When covering the whole body with race it is like this. .

These artists are Joana Vasconcelos of the artist. Various other art works are now being seen from the following official website.

Joana Vasconcelos

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