The public road in Dubai is very aggressive and thrilling

It is a movie shot of a car running away on the main road of Dubai. Even if it is runaway by itself, since several cars are running away, it is in a state of considerable danger, as ifGrand Theft AutoI feel like I'm watching a single scene.

Movie playback is from the following.
YouTube - What Really Happens On Dubai Motorways

I wonder if the car in front of you is running normally ......

I started serpentine driving while raising the smoke.

It is on the verge of a traffic accident.

Visibility has become worse due to white smoke.

When the camera faces to the right, cars that are running on a single wheel ......

A meandering driving car approaches there. It is very dangerous.

The car that was running beside the photographer, even if overtaken it is why someone is embarking on from the front passenger seat.

The driver is in a state of raging with anger.

If you are told that shooting is taking place at some event, is there a car that drives like this usually from Dubai's highway ...?

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