Shelves that can store books and monitors remodeling antique trunk

Shelves that can hold books and monitors made with large antique trunks were made by antique shops. It seems difficult to carry by hand directly because it is large in size, but it can be moved by the wheels attached to the bottom.

Details are as below.
Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk Vintage Cigar Leather | Restoration Hardware

Handling antiques and furniture "Timothy OultonThe trunk type shelf made by.

Because the size is large, you can put a lot of monitors and office supplies.

It can also be closed perfectly as it can move.

There is a stately color scheme, and the atmosphere that seems to have some amusing items comes in.

There are handles for when rolling with the wheel and moving.

Perhaps it is good for people who like rooms with antiques. The price is 2995 dollars (about 270,000 yen).

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