At the moment of corporal punishment by female teachers, students take pictures with classroom of that confusion and fear

In the American school there was a case that a moment when a female teacher was performing corporal punishment for a 13 - year - old boy student, a bystander who was present on the spot shot with a camera, it became a deciding factor and the dismissal of a female teacher was decided.

The camera shows the screaming and laughing of surrounding students, laughing voice, female teacher dragging and hitting male students, hitting, kicking, hitting the head on the wall, and it is a very animated movie .

Details are below.
School beating case in Houston: 'Mama, a teacher jumped on me' | Houston & Texas News | - Houston Chronicle

The case is a school for children who need assistance in the learning of America and Texas state, Jamie's HouseCharter SchoolShe is a female science teacher, Sherri Davis has added corporal punishment to boys. It is not clear why the corporal punishment was added, but when the boys cold the girls students who were dancing to other students and music in the classroom after the test, the female student ceased to smile I will beat you if I do not have it. "It seems that this is something related.

Sheri continued beating assaulting to hit a boys stud several times in a flat, kicking back at least twice, and hitting his head against the wall. There is a voice in the movie that shows how it looks and the students around me are laughing and licking.

A school executive who saw the movie immediately decided to dismiss Sheri, as a male student's mother told the school hearing the story "The teacher came jumping over" to the school and the incident was found. Although this video was taken at the end of April, it seems that the existence was not disclosed to the school until May 10.

Furthermore, because the boys said "I have received corporal punishment also from other teachers," it was decided that surveys will be conducted for other teachers. The male student 's mother is also reporting damage to the local police and it seems that a fine is punished.

YouTube - Teacher beats student in Houston, caught on video

A shell that stops students.

Fear causes the students to sit down.

A shell that drags it away from the wall.

I hit my face.

I will try to beat it again and again.

Hit the head against the wall.

It seems there were other students and teachers, but from this movie I do not know until what they were doing at that time.

From the viewpoints of so-called "back-site" problems and the influence on study on bringing mobile phones to schoolIts argument has been debated for a long timeHowever, when you see that movies shot with these portable devices become evidence of abuse, it seems that we must also consider the viewpoint of how mobile phones help to protect children's safety.

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