10 robust animals who got the protection of the iron wall to survive

Animals try to protect themselves when they encounter enemies, but very unique animals were introduced in that way.

There are also animals that demonstrate such defensive as you can not imagine from pretty looks, and it is a content that you can understand that you get painful eyes if you judge it by appearance and take care of it.

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If you encounter danger that can not be overwhelmed by yourself, you will fall to the ground and hang down and you will not even crawl. In other words, it pretends to be dead, but in addition to that it emits a smell like a dead smell from the anal gland, the attacking animal loses interest in opossum and leaves the place. Such a state is called quasi-death,Experimental result that opossum has consciousness even in the case of quasi-deathIt seems to have been reported.

2: Potto

Potto is a monkey as big as a kitten, and if it is attacked because of the relaxed movement it will not escape well. So I intimidate the pointed spinal bone to float up. The natural enemy is surprised to think that a mysterious weapon came out around the neck of Potto and seems to have an effect that makes you think that you can not swallow it even if you make a mistake.


It looks like Ariquy, but the pangolin is an animal that can be said to be particularly strong among these animals. When you encounter an enemy, it first gets rolled with a strong power that can not be pulled off, and the enemy attacked is injured because it has a scaly like a hard knife. Also, the blow at the tail is extremely heavy, and it can also cause serious injuries. It is also extremely risky to put out hand in handedly balanced pangolin, because it can also deliver mucus that releases a bad smell from the ankle to the extreme.

Four:Mitsuobi Armadillo

Almadillos tend to round up and protect themselves from enemies, but since many species of scales are insufficient to protect themselves from predators, they say they dug a hole in the ground and escape into it. It is this Mitsuobi Armadillo that you can protect yourself with Kamepeck by rolling. Since the scales are loosely connected, they can move freely and can be boasted of unbeatable defense as they are tightly connected when the head and tail protected by hard scales are balls. For this reason, Mitsuobi Armadillo himself does not need to drill a hole and seems to borrow anything digged by another animal.

5: Porcupine

The prickle of the porcupine which is the world's largest rodent is for attacking rather than to defend itself, it is a color that looks like an enemy even from afar. If threatening enemies threaten, if they do not run away, they will pierce with the thorns behind the body. Thorns get into the enemy's predator body and die from injury or infection. Moreover, the power of the thorns is powerful, and it may reach the built-in. Because it has such a powerful weapon, a porcupine seems to have a strong antibody so that it does not matter even if she pulls himself in accident due to an accident.


Small bodies of small bodies are often targeted by sharks and orca, jets jet red-like liquid from the anus to spread them, protect themselves by diffusing them with tail fin, and escape to that ski by blocking the enemy's sight. This way of escaping is unusual to see in mammals, but squids and octopuses, which are the staple food of Komakkou, have almost the same way of escape.


The skin of the dormouse's tail part is loose and you can escape by tearing off the tail when escaping from the enemy. It is a common defense measure for reptiles including lizards, but animals that escape in mammals are very rare. However, there is no power to play the tail like a lizard, so it seems that this technique can be used only once.

8: Skunk

Some people think that skunk farts and flees is well known and well-known, but their farts have power that is not funny in practice. Because the muscles are developed, it is possible to release a fart three meters ahead, and if it is injected on the face, there is even a danger of blindness. The only weak point is that it takes ten days for the fart to charge, so it's not that I have not released anything so far, but I think that it is better not to stimulate them.


Male platypus has poisonous glands on its hind legs, and animals as large as dogs can stop their breath. In other words, if a human being is stabbed, it will not lead to death, but a person who has been stabbed insists that it "was terribly painful." Interestingly, only male has poison, female has no such weapon.

Ten:Slow Loris

Slow Loris is a slow movement as its name suggests, but it protects himself with the poisonous glands in his elbows. Also, by spreading poison throughout your body with your tongue, I will consolidate more defense. Therefore, even when bite bites poisoned to the body, human being bittenAnaphylactic shockThere seems to be death in some cases.

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